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5 Free Coloring Apps that are Worth Downloading

Coloring fascinates us and we feel relaxed and happy. As a child, we always used to be with colors and drawing books. How happy we used to be, but as we grew up, we surrounded ourselves with tensions, pressures and anxieties. The happy and carefree mind of a child is lost gradually. Among all these, if we feel the craze to color sometimes, we stop ourselves saying it’s childish.

How stupid of us, that we do not even know the therapeutic values of coloring. Colors heal our mind and relax our body. Many patients suffering from anxiety, depression and mental stress can get healed with the use of colors. When you look at something green, how good you feel, blue make us feel calm and quiet, red stimulates us and white gives us the feeling of peace and serenity.

Research has shown that this kind of therapies bear tangible results. Cancer treatment causes a lot of pain in the body, this pain can be healed up to a certain level with coloring.

Here are 5 apps below that will surely help you lower your stress, anxiety, depression and mental pressure:

1. Adult Coloring Book

This a beautiful app that travels through your mind and leaves you stress free. The best part is the app is absolutely free. It has different beautiful images with a huge color palette, from where you can use color to color your imagination.

Pattern & Design Coloring Book

What you need to do is just tap on the color you want to select and using your imagination, color all the beautiful images there. You can also design unique work with different kinds of filters and effects. After you have finished coloring, share your art work with your family and friends.

2. Mandala Coloring for Adults

Are you stressed? Need peace of mind and want to experience tranquility? Download Mandala Coloring for Adults and experience a magical world of intricate designs and colors. These intricate designs are so amazingly done that when you fill color in them, soon you start forgetting your stress and anxiety.

mandala coloring for adults

It has some mesmerizing mandalas divided into three categories. The first one is easy, second intermediate and the third one is advanced. The only difference in all these three levels is the intricacy of the designs. The app has a huge color palette and you can ride on your imagination and travel throughout. Share your imaginations with your family and friends and enjoy.

3. Stress Relief Adult Color Book

On the basis of research, this therapeutic coloring app has been designed to reduce anxiety and stress. You will see the results when you color all the intricate parts of the images minutely. Slowly your stress level will come to zero and you will find yourself lost in the world of colors.

stress relief adult coloring book

It has beautiful galleries like:

  • Korean Culture
  • Japanese Culture
  • Dreamland
  • Zodiac Signs
  • Fantasy Faces
  • Deep Sea etc.

Download this app, color the images with your wild imaginations and share it with your friends and family in the social media and enjoy.

4. Pattern & Design Coloring Book

As a child we all used to enjoy coloring. It was our favorite pass time. Childhood was so carefree and beautiful. Want to experience it once again? If yes, you need to get this app on your phone. How creative you used to be in your childhood, do you remember? It’s time you get back your childhood once again and be happy within.

Pattern & Design Coloring Book

No need to sit outside the doctor’s chamber for hours to treat your stress and anxiety. Just sit in the comfort of your home, download this app in your phone and start coloring. Soon you will see all your stress and anxiety is vanishing.

5. Coloring Expert Coloring Book

Get back to those old days and let the child inside you rise once again. This app has so many cute pictures of different animals, birds, princesses and cartoon images. There are 600 pages to color. It is for both boys and girls.

coloring expert book app

Zooming function is available and you can zoom in and zoom out of the picture or the image to color better. This app can be used by both kids and adults. Download the app and feel the difference.

These 5 apps are a must download if you want to get rid of stress and anxiety. Your health is your wealth. So take care of your health and mind by downloading these apps.

5 Free Coloring Apps that are Worth Downloading
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