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5 Cool iPhone Apps For Your Personal Use

Smartphones without apps is like a cake without cream. Apps are a very important element of a smartphone. Some apps are made to entertain and others are utility apps.

Here are some apps which will not only entertain you but also prove to be useful for you.

#1. Mods For Minecraft Game (Unoffical)

mods for minecraft

If you love playing Minecraft, you will find this app to be quite exciting. Mods for Minecraft Game makes your Minecraft game much more easier and fun. This app will supply you with lots of mods which are really easy to install in the game. With the mods, they also provide you guidelines, as how to use the mods in the game.

Gaming can be really fun and exciting with mods. Without mods, Minecraft would have been a boring experience. But with the installation of mods, the game is fun to play.

Price: $2.99

#2. Wynk Music

Wynk Music

Music heals our mind. In whatever mood we are, music can always prove to be the best friend. This app has a huge collection of music, starting from Rahman to Rihanna. 2.2 million Indian as well as International songs are listed here. Moreover, there is a continuous update of all the new and upcoming music worldwide.

The best part of this app is that you can download your favorite songs from it while you are online and listen to them anytime even when you are offline.

Price: FREE

#3. Selfeo


Selfeo is a social media site, where you can express yourself, share your thoughts, broadcast your view points, and let your followers know what you are doing these days. This site basically gives you a platform to open up and let out your suppressed thoughts. They have a lot of curated videos or you can even pick anything from the online and start discussing it within the community.

You may pick up any serious or casual topic and let your followers know your viewpoint. Nowadays, people lack motivation. Be their motivation, inspire them with your thoughts and bring some great change in someone’s life!

Price: FREE

#4. Beauty Plus

beauty plus

Most people, especially the girls, use this app a lot. Nowadays, most of the girls have this app installed in their phones. When you click your picture in this app, automatically a beauty snap gets created and you look much more brighter and beautiful. It can clear your blemishes, erase spots, can smoothen skin, make the eyes brighter, edit the color of your eye, makes your teeth appear white, adds filters and gives some special effects, blurs photos and does lot more.

This is a fantastic app which you can use to give your photos that extra touch which you always desired.

Price: FREE

#5. Letgo: Buy and Sell Second Hand Stuff


If you want to buy and sell second hand stuff in your locality, then this is perfect for you. It’s free, it’s very simple and you can avail great deals, and the best part is you will get cash for the stuff you do not want anymore. It is much better than many classified ads. To post your goods for sale, you do not need to waste much time, you can do it in less than 30 seconds.

It’s very easy because you just need to post the ad here. The buyer will see your ad, contact you with the number you have provided and reach you within no time. The buyer will give you cash in hand and buy the item from you. It’s really that easy and simple.

Price: FREE

These apps are entertaining as well as useful. Download these apps in your iPhone and make your phone much more smarter and useful.

5 Cool iPhone Apps For Your Personal Use
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