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5 Amazing In-Car Technologies Benefiting Drivers

The humble car has certainly come a long way since its beginnings in the early 1900s. Today we are fortunate enough to get both incredible power and performance from modern engines but it’s the in-car technologies that are really something. To give you a clearer idea of just how amazing these are,

Here are five such technologies that have found their way in modern motors

In-Car Technologies

#1. Front and rear cameras

Parking assist is one thing, but the front and rear-mounted cameras you can find in some vehicles can make parallel parking a breeze. Often these are linked up to a dashboard smart screen which lets you select which camera you want to look through as well.

#2. Automatic full beam

Automatic lights have been a staple part of many cars in recent years as an added safety feature. Some vehicles have gone one better than this though and have lights that know when it’s dark enough to go to full beam. The party piece of these is that they flick on and off as on-coming cars approach and pass you.

#3. Hazard detection systems

In a similar vein to the above, there’s also cars that have front-mounted sensors that can detect hazards in the distance – even at night time. These can then alert the driver to slow down on approach.

#4. Start/stop engines

Push button start engines have also been around for a while, but there’s some cars that switch off the engine automatically when the car is idle and stationary, cutting down on emissions. These then fire the engine back up when the driver releases the brake and puts the car into gear.

#5. Lightweight designs

This might not be strictly in-car – more around it – but developments in the construction of vehicles using carbon fibre to make them more lightweight, aerodynamic and efficient is another top example of clever designs and technology being used on our vehicles.

Looking ahead…

What’s best about the above tech is that it’s readily available across many of the major manufacturers. Looking forward though there’s the high probability that our smart phones and devices will start to be used more covering everything from security to on-board safety measures, as this interesting post from Start Rescue suggests.

Exactly what the future holds is a matter of wait and see of course, but it’s fair to say we’ve got some pretty amazing tech already.If you are considering investing in a new vehicle, it might be worth doing a quick check to see what tech options you have to play with.

5 Amazing In-Car Technologies Benefiting Drivers
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