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4 Useful iOS Apps to Ease the Suffering of Daily Commute

Daily car commuting can be a quite a task, especially when you’re running into traffic jams, road blocks, speeding tickets, bottlenecks, and what not, on a daily basis! What’s more, you end up wasting so much of your precious time! However, the good news is that there are a number of nifty apps out there to make ease your suffering during your daily commute. Listed below are 4 useful iOS apps that will make your daily car commute a breeze.

Car Locator

Can’t remember where you parked your car? It can sure be a nightmare to locate your car, especially when you park at malls and supermarkets that have real huge parking lots. My Car Locator is a nifty app that you’ve got to consider, if locating your car is one of the frequent dilemmas you face. As the name of the app implies, My Car Locator helps you locate your car. It is an ingenious app that automatically goes on to save the location of where you parked your car. The app will then display the location of your car on the map and will give you directions to it. What’s more, the app even features a stunning parking timer, which gives users the ability to save images, notes, favorite locations, and more. Besides, you also get the option to send your current location to a friend or a loved one!


Waze is yet another epic app that brings a lot of fun into traffic and road navigation. With over 20 million users to its name, Waze is a fun, gamified navigation app that gives its users up-to-date information on road alerts and traffic. It is a mapping and traffic app that helps you find the fastest route to your destination. Waze is a community-based app that allows its users to help fellow users by reporting road and traffic conditions such as accidents, traffic jams, speed traps, stalled cars, bottlenecks, and traffic cameras. If that wasn’t enough, Waze also helps users locate cheap fuel stations along their route, along with fuel prices shared by the community. So if there’s any way to contribute and benefit from ‘common good’ on the roads, it’s got to be Waze!


Do you hate being stuck up in traffic every single day during your commute to and fro from work? Wish there was a way you could make your daily commute stress-free and more streamlined? Want to avoid getting busted by speeding tickets? If yes, look no further than Trapster to have you covered. Trapster is an incredible community based app that is controlled by a massive community of over 30 million users worldwide. With the help of this app users can contribute and benefit by getting reports on speed traps, speed cameras, road hazards, accidents, traffic jams, live police, construction zones, and red lights. By using this app, you’re in a way joining a community of drivers helping fellow drivers drive easy. So get smart and use Trapster to make your safer, faster, and easier on your pocket!

Pandora Radio

Been stuck in a traffic jam since for hours and don’t know how to pass your time? Looking for a way to make your long commute back home interesting? Well, how about letting Pandora play some nice music for you? One of the most popular music apps out there, Pandora Radio recommends new music to you based on the music you already listen to. It runs in the background, so that it doesn’t interrupt any of your navigation programs that might be on. The app has an impressive range of radio stations ranging from country, to rock, to alternative, jazz, country, and more. So the next time you find yourself getting bored on your daily car commute, Pandora is the app for you!

4 Useful iOS Apps to Ease the Suffering of Daily Commute
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