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4 Geeky gadgets for the gadget freaks in 2011

The electronic gadget market is one of the biggest markets that have recently gained importance. With the rapid advancement of technology, everyday there is a new list of gadgets that are being considered as the coolest ones in 2011. If you’re one such gadget freak who is still waiting for a new list of technology gadgets that may help you stay fashionable, funky and updated, you must check out some of the geeky gadgets this year.
  1. Microsoft mobiles that are powered by Windows Phone: It needs no mention that Microsoft is coming up with an entire set of mobile gadgets and gizmos that are powered by Windows 7. According to some sources, it has been seen that ASUSTEK and Microsoft have formed a team that will specialize in rendering some new technology gadgets that will enhance the experience of the gizmos.
  2. Google Nexus 3: This is a speedy smart phone and this interesting phone dons five personalized home screens with special effect animated backgrounds. It offers the user with slick speech recognition abilities and Nexus is not equipped with most of the software that are provided by Google. This smart phone introduces the search engine giant’s first step into the world of e-commerce.
  3. Apple iPhone5: Face recognition mechanism and a sleek design are the USP of this new iPhone5. This phone has a 64 GB memory with an OLED screen. With the added GPS navigation feature, you can easily synchronize with iTunes and customize SMS alerts and other tones with high definition audio quality. With the Apple iPhone5, you can do video chat on 3G.
  4. The Electro Hub: This is a new charging station that offers compatibility with a large amount of devices including toys, TV remote and smart phones. It has the ability to charge up to 6 devices at the same time and works by replacing a gadget’s original AA and AAA batteries with Electro Hub batteries.

Thus, if you’re a gadget freak, update yourself by getting your hands on the above mentioned gadgets. You can easily get them from your nearest market but make sure you buy the original versions so that you’re not duped by the sellers.

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