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3 Apps That Control Your House – Tech Wizardry at Its best!

One of the classic reasons for fights between couples is the “Who will turn off the lights when both have hit the bed??” It’s always the other’s turn and no one wants to get out of bed after having tucked in. At such times, the switch next to your bed or the automatic light seems like a must have luxury. Now with technology going places, literally, the options aren’t limited to these two only.

Now you can use your cell phone to control various switch boards and appliances in your house. No more getting out of the bed or fighting over whose turn it is, you can flick the switch or change the temperature through your mobile. Today we look at some of the apps you can use to control the appliances in your house –

Philips Hue

If you are the type to color your expression with myriad hues then this Hue is for you. Philips Hue can create various hues as per your mood and your requirement. Much more than just a light bulb, this one comes with a mobile app and you can use the app to adjust the bulb settings to give you the ambience you desire. The app has a huge palette of light and color which can be used by you to create a masterpiece of your own. There are inbuilt light settings that can be chosen as per your mood like relaxation, reading etc. You can even set it to concentrate and energize as you like.


Scanomat has developed this app to control their custom coffee maker which too goes by the same name. All you need to do is drill two holes in any table top for the tap and the drain and you can relish a unique coffee experience each day. Taking this unique coffee experience further, this coffee maker comes along with an iPhone app to go along with. Like a hot brew the first thing in the morning, now get it with just a few taps on your Smartphone. Moreover, it also lets you customize the coffee with just a few clicks. Right from an espresso to cafe latte; get everything only from the comfort of your bed without any waiting time.


If you are a pet lover, these gadgets and apps will be quite a boon for you. Anyone who loves and owns pets will tell you that it involves quite a bit of work, especially when you do not have anyone to stay at home at all times. In situations like these you either have to give up on your pet or you need to depend on someone else. Not anymore though. Thanks to technology you can have your pet and take care of it too. Pintofeed is a Smartphone controlled gadget that can with a click of a button on your phone open up to make sure your pet is fed. All you have to do is leave some pet food in it and then you can control it with your Smartphone.

These are a few gadgets that go a long way in showing a glimpse of how tech can go a long way in making our lives more comfortable.

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3 Apps That Control Your House – Tech Wizardry at Its best!
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