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250+ Best App Review Sites to Submit Your Mobile Apps

According to recent survey of Google-Ipsos, 52% of the awareness for mobile apps comes from word of mouth marketing, friends, family and colleagues. It can give a initial boost to any app after it get published. If you ask, what makes a successful mobile app? It should be a well app marketing strategy.

But in reality most of the great designed apps can be unnoticed among the 3 million apps in app stores. And this is why getting reviews in app store is not enough.

app review websites list

Well, have you searched for app review submission websites and submitted your mobile app yet?

If not, here you can find over 250 app review websites and get to know how does this work.

So how does this work

The idea behind an app review is similar to that of a book or movie review. There is an editor along with a team of reviewers who review different apps and put reviews for it on their websites, thus educating users with an overview of the different apps in the market.

In the early days, before the explosion of the app market, this was quite a smooth process. However, with the outbreak in the market, reviewing each and every app is a tough call. Therefore, there are three types of app reviewing websites that developers can approach for submitting their apps.

  • The Free Category – There are a number of app review websites where submitting a review is easy and completely free of cost. However, reviews published in free websites hold less value among users.
  • The Paid Category – Some of the app review websites charge for their services. They either review an app themselves or review the content submitted before publishing. However, the review published is unbiased and honest which adds to the value of the reviews published.
  • The Handpicked Category – These websites offer reviews for apps completely independent of any type of influence. They make their own selection of the apps to be reviewed and publish an unbiased, honest review on them. They have a team of experts under them who select the apps and cannot be influenced by monetary means or otherwise. However, they have a tip option where you can make a suggestion to them for a review. Opinions published in such review websites are of high esteem in the market.

Getting featured on App Review websites can be a great marketing boost for any app. However, a developer needs to research well on how to approach an app review website. You should always evaluate the website’s ranking and how the review of the website can help market your app.

How to find a good app review website

As discussed, having developers who will create a great app is definitely not enough. You need to do a lot of research or hire a great marketing team to make sure your app is making the right noises in the right places.

For your convenience, here are the 10 top app review websites for both iOS and Android operating systems.

For iOS apps – Mashable ,CNET iPhone, Atlas , TechCrunch, IntoMobile , Gizmodo, Read/Write Web, GigaOm , The New York Times, All Things D and MacRumors.

For Android apps – Androinica, androidandme, Android Community, Androidcentral, TechCrunch, Mashable, Read/Write Web, IntoMobile and PCWorld.

Apart from the mentioned app review websites, here are many other websites that you can approach and feature your app. All the best for your endeavor.

Now we are sharing with you over 250 best app review websites where you can submit your mobile apps.

List of Best App Review Websites to Submit Your Mobile Apps

Sl No. App Review Sites Contact Information
1 Business Insider
2 Gizmodo
3 Mashable Submit Your App
4 Techno World News
5 TechCrunch
6 PC Mag
7 Tech Radar
8 Mac Rumors
9 Zdnet Submit Tip
10 Computer World
11 148 Apps
12 Android Run Down Submit Your App
13 Feed My App Submit App
14 Gigaom
15 Cult of Mac
16 Pre Apps
17 Geekli
18 App Sized Contact
19 iOS App Spy Submit iOS App
20 Nine Over Ten
21 Art of the iPhone
22 App Addict
23 Top App Review 101 Contact
24 Apps 4 Review Submit App
25 Apps Pirate Contact
26 Top Best Free Apps Submit App
27 Apps to use Submit Your App
28 Ask your Android Request For Review
29 Apps 400 Submit App Review
30 Apps Mirron Submit Your App
31 The Popular Apps Submit App
32 The Great Apps Submit App
33 Web App Rater Free App Review
34 Apps Thunder Submit Your App
35 Apps Now Submit app for review
36 Apps Listo submit your app
37 App Apes Submit app for free
38 Android DB Submit your app
39 The iPhone App Review Submit app
40 Get Android Stuff submit an app
41 The iPhone Mom Submit your app
42 App Split Submit an app
43 New App Review Submit your app
44 Android App Log Suggest app
45 Apps apk Submit app
46 Android Apps Review Submit android app
47 App Review Central App Submission
48 Life of Android
49 App Safari Submit
50 Alpha Digits Submit App For Review
51 Augmented Reality Trends Free App Submission
52 App Pro
53 Review the Apps Submit
54 Tech Life Blog Submit Review
55 Addictive Tips
56 Inno8tiv Submit
57 Beta List Submit
58 On The App Submit
59 App Storm
60 VB Profiles Submit
61 Killer Startups Submit
62 Crunchbase Add New
63 Forbes

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250+ Best App Review Sites to Submit Your Mobile Apps
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