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“247SOS” A Must Have Mobile Self-Defense App For All Women

Now-a-days self-defense is very much necessary for every woman in this world. As they are working late in office and coming home at late night or traveling solo in different countries or in different places, women self security always a concern. Right now they are independent and also sometime careless. But sometimes you need to concern about your circumstances. Well to give them protection, security and courage at the exact places of any harassment, theft, molestation and other any violation on them 247 USA – a leading self-defense smartphone case manufacturer company built an app called “247SOS”.

The primary feature of “247SOS” app is it sends an alarm signal immediately when the app is opened at the time of any emergency. It can automatically call police or any pre defined number.  The camera starts automatically and keeps recording the incident. It sends the video clip to the security company with the location details.

Find “247SOS” app screenshots below –




What are the features of “247SOS” app?

  1. Fingerprint recognization of secured user.
  2. Password pattern setup
  3. Record video automatically.
  4. Send message and video
  5. GPS tracking and notification.
  6. Police alert instantly.

This app is one-stop solution to prevent various crimes against women. It keeps your near and dear ones safe 24×7 every day.

You can download the app from Google Play Store –

You can find more updates on 247SOS Facebook Page –

“247SOS” A Must Have Mobile Self-Defense App For All Women
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