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10 Tips To Get The Best Shot With A DSLR

Capture the subject in the sharpest way. This holds to be the prime objective of Digital Photography. Photography is not just to buy a camera and start clicking randomly. Rather, it has some rules and in order to be a photograph, your clicks must be sharp, beautiful and have the WOW factor in them. Now, in order to click the perfect pic, you have numerous ways offered by your DSLR and in this post, you will come to know about 10 tips through which you will be able to get the best shots! Even if you are a newbie, you will be able to know about the basics and will come to know about how to set up your camera and get the best shots. This will primarily focus on the different focus modes of your camera and the auto focus point.

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10 Tips To Get The Best Shot With A DSLR

#1. The right shooting mode of DSLR

You can choose the scene modes for getting some fine clicks. But, if you want to go in depth and be more creative then you can go to the more advanced options to shoot in semi-automatic modes

#2. The Aperture Priority mode

The A or AV in the mode dial refers to Aperture Priority where you can control the depth of the field and you can choose on how much sharpness you require into the picture from front to back. Thus, it tends to be a smart choice for macro photos, landscapes and portraits. It is a semi-automatic mode where you just set the aperture, then the camera will automatically detect the correct exposure based on its reading of the scene and will accordingly adjust the shutter.

#3. Shutter Priority mode

The S or TV in mode dial refers to Shutter Priority where you control the shutter speed and the camera automatically adjusts the aperture. This mode is used when you shoot sports or action.

#4. Program mode

The P in mode dial refers to the Program Mode. It is like an advanced fully automatic mode and the camera sets the shutter speed and aperture both automatically in this mode. This mode is used when you are on the fly shooting and just need the clicks.

#5. Manual Focus

You can adjust the lens to focus manually. This is a very good option when you are performing macro photography because in certain cases, the cameras are unable to lock on the very close subjects. As a result of which, as soon as you release the shutter button, the lens hunt the focus and move in and out of it. Thus, it is better that you choose the manual focus mode and adjust them yourself.

#6. Role of Light

The light plays a great role in photography. The quality, quantity and direction of light- all matters and must suit the subject. If you want a low contrast and express detail in the picture, then use soft and diffused light. Macro photos or outside portraits look great when they are shot under bright light.

#7. RAW or JPEG?

Most cameras allow you to record the photos in two file formats, RAW and JPEG. Saving a photo in JPEG mode will lock your choices and the final image is created. If picture went wrong or any defect in light or colors was there, you have no option to fix it other than Photoshop. This is a highly compressed format and will reduce the image quality too. Thus, in order to counter it, you can save your photos in RAW format where the raw data from the camera will be saved. You can process the images yourself witha compatible software such as Lightroom.

#8. Blown highlights- an error

If your captured photo is overexposed, then there is a risk that all the detail will be faded out of the brighter areas. This would look ugly and you have to take care of it.

#9. Shutter speed

If you are ending up with a blurred photo, then there can be several reasons behind this. Maybe, the lens are not focused right or the wrong autofocus mode was selected. The choice of shutter speed can make a difference. It needs to be equivalent to the focal length of the lens. 1 / 50 Sec for a 50 mm lens or faster will help you in getting sharper handheld pictures.

#10. Be confident- Don’t be afraid

You may commit some mistakes, but don’t be afraid. Be confident because the top photographers also didn’t learn photography from birth. It takes time and the thing that matters is to learn from your mistakes and rectify them in future!

10 Tips To Get The Best Shot With A DSLR
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