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10+ Programming Courses Online to Improve Your Skills and Boost Your Career


Having more control over what you do online is what many of us want. If you do not have the skills to use code, you might have to take what you get. It does become frustrating when you have a vision and you just do not know how to create it.

Let’s say you want to actually be the person who can help people create what they have in mind. If you want to choose programming as a career choice, there are many online courses that can help you out. The challenge is finding the right one for you. Here is a list of some of the best online programming courses you can find.

1. Udacity

With this course, you will be able to go from beginner to advance. They have courses that teach you the basics of programming and there seems to be no limits to how far you can go.

2. Khan Academy

Most students know about Khan Academy and I use to love going there when I had to find somebody to do my programming homework. The great thing about this is that you actually have someone speaking to you while you go through the process. It beats having to pay somebody to do my programming homework.

3. Udemy

This tool is not just great for programming, but it offers a variety of courses. Some of the courses are free and others will cost you some money. It’s a great place to learn code and take it to an advanced level.

4. Treehouse

I believe that you can find almost anything educational on Treehouse. They offer a lot of good programming courses and is a great place to start for a newbie.

5. CodeAcademy

The name kind of gives it away, but this is a great website. You can create a goal and then take the courses to help you achieve it. It is not difficult to set up an account and it is free of charge.

6. SkillsShare

Another website that feels like a programming homework service for me. You are taught by professionals in the industry which is the best way to learn. You would need to sign up and pay a subscription fee, but I think it is definitely worth the investment.

7. Learnable

You can learn so much on this website and I feel therefore, the domain name is very appropriate and suiting. I suggest you do some of the free courses and see if it is worth investing some money into to continue.

8. PluralSight

If I have ever seen a training website grow so fast in such a short space of time, this is it. There are so many online courses on this website, that it might take you a while to choose the right one. It’s a great source of information.

9. Mijingo

One of the best places to find courses on both web design as well as developing. It’s great because you can really solidify your career with these courses. Offering more than what the client asked for is what will distinguish you from the rest.

10. SkillCrush

Definitely one of the more unique coding courses online, but it does not mean that it’s ineffective. I would say it is one of the top courses available online. You can choose the amount of time you want to invest in a course and go for the 3 weeks course or the 3 months course.

11. Tuts+

A website that gives you more than you’ve paid for, is one to keep. You get free eBooks along with your course material, just for subscribing. These eBooks are unique to your course and can help you achieve your goals much faster.

10+ Programming Courses Online to Improve Your Skills and Boost Your Career
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Victoria Kane

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Victoria Kane
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