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A well-maintained website or blog has enormous conversion potential. So, if you already have a great website or blog, investing some time in its maintenance or hiring a WordPress Maintenance Expert can bring you stellar ROI (Return on Investment) or increase your blog traffic.

5 Benefits of WordPress Blog / Site Maintenance

1. Search Engine Ranking

A regularly well-maintained website is liked by the search engines. Especially Google. So, when you focus on website maintenance, your website gets a better ranking in the search engine results page. Higher the ranking, more traffic you get.

2. Higher Conversion

With an up-to-date website, your website visitors will not encounter issues like important broken links or forms, malfunctioning lead capture pages, broken shopping cart, accumulation of incomplete session ids, slow cleaning of server cache and other such issues. So, you won’t miss any leads, enquiries, and sales. You give a better visitor experience on your website. This leads to higher conversions.

3. Visitor Experience

Proper maintenance ensures that your site looks great, functions right and it makes website load fast. This offers a pleasant experience to your visitors, boosting visitor engagement and creating opportunities for increased conversions and sales.

4. Security

A Forbes report says that 30,000 sites are hacked regularly. When we monitor your website, undergo regular security checks, your odds of getting hacked are reduced. A well-maintained website with regular attention to the security of the website, has a solid protection against attacks.

5. Cost Savings

By maintaining your site every month, you can avoid substantial expenses for any repair work that may be needed in future due to an outdated website.

If you have a WordPress blog / site, there are several plugins you can use to carry out website maintenance more smoothly and efficiently. Techno World News’s maintenance plans offers you robust plugins setups and optimization for website backup, database backup, website maintenance mode and more.

So, make website maintenance a priority this year. A well-maintained blog / site will remarkably boost your conversions, sales and ROI.

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