Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Best Ways of Learning the Basics of Digital Photography

Do you know how the shutter speed, ISO and aperture relate to each other? If you have recently acquired a digital SLR camera, it’s obvious that you must be overwhelmed with its features. You will be excited and happy to take pictures on full manual setting for some time but may like to learn more about the vast capabilities of the camera. In such a case opting for a digital photography class would be an ideal way to know the ins and outs of your camera and further your shooting skills.

Several local camera shops often offer classes and workshops on digital shooting. You could move to the camera stores for attending these classes. Some courses also focus on specific models of camera like the Nikon D80 and Canon Rebel XSI. These courses will help you get specialized instruction about your camera. Moreover you could enroll yourself in community colleges and universities for undertaking classes on digital camera work. The colleges offer a wide array of courses. Check out the listing under ‘extension courses’ or ‘adult learning’.

Whether you are a new photo enthusiast or a seasoned photographer, you could benefit from the tips on learning basic digital photography. Remember that while metering, composition and lens operation have similarities in digital picture making, storage and image-editing are different. You could look for basic lessons of digital photography online and also from printed materials and live workshops.

The best ways of learning the basics of digital film making are here discussed below:

DC Views

New photographers could learn the fundamentals of picture making like controlling the depth of field, shooting in low light and achieving optimum quality of image from DC views in free online tutorials. Other lessons explain issues like connecting digital cameras to printers and computers with information about the WI-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. Moreover DC Views offer links to other websites where you could get additional tutorials for explaining the fundamentals of digital picture making. DC views also provide lessons in the process of using the Adobe editing system, the color calibration of computer monitors and cleaning digital SLR sensors. In addition you could get other sections of interest like information on camera technology, user forums and photography news.

Better Photo

Better Photo also offers online lessons for a fee. You could select courses organized by the skill levels and subject categories like the beginner, intermediate, serious hobbyist and advanced. The fundamental courses on digital picture making will teach you the basic concepts like the image-editing, composition and the exposure. The specific camera lessons will guide you through step-by-step instructions about operating the widely sold camera models like the Nikon D and the Canon Digital Rebel series. Furthermore, the Better Photo site includes a library of free photography articles and interviews of photographers. The articles feature portrait, wildlife, landscape and digital picture making.

Short Courses

Short online courses offer a variety of free lessons. The courses cover the process of using digital camera, mode of exposure and overriding automatic exposure setting. Apart from offering the courses on camera operation and the basics of shooting, short courses provide lessons about image printing and picture sharing. The workflow of digital shooting covers topics on image management, in-camera image storage, picture editing and computer image storage. Online materials also offer information about the aspects of digital shooting differing from film photography like image sensors, choosing image size and regarding how pixels relate to the resolution of the image. You could also get information about selecting the equipment of shooting, working of the camera, camera lenses and camera accessories from internet based guides. Some online bookstores also provide pdf versions of course materials that you could download for a fee.

Check out these top 3 ways and learn the basic of picture making. You could also opt for the best photography lessons in Abu Dhab if or mastering the art of taking pictures.


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