Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Designing online website for business

Custom ecommerce website design is a discipline that needs 24 hour a day, seven day week maintenance. It is not enough to simply have an attractive website at a frozen point in time – this website must be able to respond to the ever-changing nature of the Internet customer. On top of this, the optimization of that website will always be under scrutiny by the major search engines, whose rules are always changing as well. There is no way that a small business owner will be able to keep up with this kind of atmosphere as well as monitor the customers that he or she already has.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

5 Brilliant Architect iPad Apps You Should Carry Around With You

My article looks at a few apps architects might like to take a look at if they're interested in making things a little easier from now on and some of the apps are quite powerful.

Architects are finding it easy to work while they're moving around these days because of the apps they can download to their iPad. Here are a few you might find useful if you haven't got around to downloading them yet.

4 Ways Foodies Can Use Their Smartphones For Their Love Of Food

Undeniably, the smartphone is a great tool for foodies. In the past, one might have to check the Yellow Pages or other similar listings to locate the best restaurants, and the problem of such publications being out of date was always an issue. Similarly, it was hard to obtain objective, unbiased reviews of food other than by word of mouth. Of course, food photography was once a pastime reserved for the wealthy as well. With the smartphone however, being a foodie has been revolutionized forever, and here's how:

Top 5 Apps For Home Security Lovers

At a time when anyone can learn how to pick a lock easily and conveniently from the internet, it is important to look for effective ways to enhance your home security. The use of smart technology in everyday life has meant that there is an app out there that can do virtually anything. With the availability of built-in computer cameras and advanced smartphone technology, it is now much easier to monitor activities in your home when you are away. Following are some of the best home security apps that will allow you to catch a criminal or ensure that the babysitter is doing what she is paid to do.

Friday, March 14, 2014

[Infographic] Open Warfare: Google vs. Apple

Two big brand name, Google and Apple. Google the search engine giant of the world and another is gadget maker. The two company has many pro and cons but the war between them never end. Here is the infographic where you will see the Open warfare between these two company Google and Apple

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Secure Cloud Storage Services

There is some inconvenience in carrying portable hard drives for professional purposes and other applications. There is even a hassle with using small flash drives. Portable memory storage devices can get lost, and that is one major problem. Fortunately, people can rely on cloud networks to access any important digital files at any time. Any internet enabled device can be used to access a load of documents, photos, videos, and other multimedia content. There is no need to worry about carrying physical storage devices when cloud networks are available.

5 of the Most Innovative Tech Developments 2013 and what to expect next

2013 was an extraordinary year for technological development. Forget your Google Glass and smart watches (we’ll come to those in a moment) in 2013 scientists grew a burger in a petri dish, filled hard drives with helium and invented a bionic eye. But which were the five most important tech developments of the year, and what could we expect this year as a result?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Varieties of Motorola Moto X cases available

Have you bought your brand new Smartphone? But, did you buy the necessary accessories to ensure protection to the exclusive mobile device? There are many people around who do not bother to buy cover or mobile phone cases and screen protector, which results in shorter life span of the device. In order to ensure longevity of this expensive item, you should make sure to choose the suitable mobile case that can cover your mobile screen and body. Screen protector is also essential as touch screens are very sensitive and using through wet or oily fingers can easily damage the cell phone.

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