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Zangu an Interactive Language Learning App Designed for Kids

Zangu is a language learning app designed for kids. In a period of one to two months,a child will be conversationally fluent following proper, and constructive interaction with Zangu. Without a single letter in the game, we can simulate a real world environment for kids to speak a new language free of bad accents. It is a fun way to try out the journey of learning a new language. Adults can also use it to guide and learn with kids. Zangu will solve three problems which many 2nd language learners encounter; inability to speak out, bad accents, and difficulties in hearing. Applicable to adults too, with time we have witnessed impressive improvements in all three problems in 6 months only. Zangu can also be used to maintain and practice a language you already know, since continued failure to use a language may lender it tougher next time it’s used.

Zangu app

The app is meant for all willing to learn a new language. Specifically designed for kids between the age of three to ten years old. Therefore, anyone interested can use it.Multilingual have a more pronounced interest towards the app nevertheless. Due to the intuitive and dexterous design,the learning process is instinctual and fit for learning a second, third, onwards, languages. The process may be a bit time consuming but worth it. It is an easy to use, easy to figure out game and a good gift to your friends or kids for their coming holidays.

Zangu iphone app

It is recommendable to people willing to cross cultures and meet diverse cultures and languages. School settings where kids have different backgrounds can use Zangu to break the language barriers that accompany such diversity in an educative and exciting way.

Zangu’s color schemes and fluid designing fits perfectly to its targeted audience- kids. Character animations, scenes generation and sounds accompanying it contribute to its premise of guiding a child to a new language. Use of topics that excite the intelligence of a child is also a notable quality of the app. It’s worth trying out!

Zangu mobile

Here is some further information on the game and its characters:


A genius scientist at the young age of nine, Ai is an expert in areas of science, math, music, and language. Because she is so gifted, Ai has access to her own laboratory with the latest technology. Ai’s strongest skill is being able to translate and decipher many languages. Ai has a bright, fun, trustworthy, and sweet personality that allows her to make friends with mostly anyone that she meets; because of which she befriends “Zangu”, an alien in need of help returning home. Together they will travel the human planet to study and find resources and teach Zangu. Together they hope to save Zangu’s home planet.


Zangu is a curious explorer from the Planet Zai. Zangu’s personality can be described as bright, energetic, friendly, curious, and depopulation, so much so that there are no living things on planet Zai aside for well-meaning but can be brash. Planet Zai has been through many stages of pollution

Brief Details about the App:

App name: Zangu by AITeachU (ArtificialIntelligence Teach You)
App Version: 1.0.1 release on 17th June, 2017
Developers: Kenichi Kainuma
Patent holder, CEO of AI Teach U Shanghai
California State University, BA
Keller Management School, MBA
Norio Ichihashi,
Tokyo, University, BS, MBS
Investor and CEO of AI Teach U Los Angeles.
1 of 3 founders of Mobileye(MBLY) New York stock exchange
Which was currently purchased by Intel

App Store Link:
Platforms: iOS (Universal), Android, Web, Other.
Price: Monthly subscription for membership at $15. There are no additional in-app purchases.


Zangu is a new tool for kids to learn new Languages. Zangu is designed to provide a communication environment close to what the student would get in the native language environments being learn. This app do not require them to read the book, or study grammar; Zungu simply help kids to learn to listen and speak like a native kid.

You can download the app from App Store

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Zangu an Interactive Language Learning App Designed for Kids
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