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Yuemey- Social Networking iOS App- Detailed Review

yuemey app

Yuemey is a social networking app made by ‘Reachness LLC’ which is currently available for iOS devices only. This social networking app is made for everybody but is specially targeted at the Millenials.

Yuemey App Concept / Theme:

The Millenials constitute almost half of the worldwide workforce, and there was a necessary need for a social and professional career network for them. This requirement was fulfilled by Yuemey.

According to Wikipedia, Millenials are the people born in the early 1980s through the mid of 1990s and also includesyuemey logo early 2000s. This generation is especially marked for their increasing familiarity with technology, media, and communication.

Founded in August 2015, the Yuemey is a professional social network which focuses more on visual things than content. Yuemey separates it’s users away from the users of other common career networking websites/apps, and it is much more creative and easier to use.

The user profiles of this app are more modern and mostly based on visual interaction which gifts the candidate a dream board of hashtags, which the candidates can be identified with, along with their profile photos. Besides these, Yuemey also includes social features like group chat, discussion feeds and media transfer, which makes the app more inclined towards interaction.


Visual Profiles

As mentioned above, Yuemey focuses more on visual stuff than content. It is much more user-friendly and much more interactive at the same time. Every single content-based resume is transformed into visible profiles to give a straightforward approach to users who would show their skills and talents.

A user’s profile includes:

1. Dream Board

2. Video Introduction

3. Inspiration

4. My story

5. Skills and Interests

6. Backgrounds

These are customizable, and the users can share pictures, videos and text files along with these.

Location Enabled Groups

A user can create, access or communicate to a group based on where he/she is, and what he/she is interested in. By the use of groups, you can interact with new people, and stay in touch later on. The groups also contain certain very attractive features like file sharing, active member display, discussion feeds and much more.

Smart Network for a Smartphone

Yuemey uses AI (artificial intelligence) to advance its process for communication, referrals, and hiring. It also has the feature which suggests you communicate with groups based on the location and your interests. Voice actions, reminders and notifications help you automatically schedule your meetings and get reminded when the time comes.

Interactive Tools

The number of tools and features Yuemey has, makes us feel like we are using WhatsApp, Instagram and Skype in the same place at the same time. The group functions, video chat, search and many more features make this app a social network pro.

Dream Hire

Hiring is a feature exclusively for the companies who are in the mood of hiring some agents which would help them achieve the goals together. Dream Hire, is, however, a feature which helps the members act as referral agents or brand ambassadors and be a part of the recruiting team.

How to use the app and how it works

After downloading the app from the App Store, you have to sign up using your Facebook, Instagram or email ID. Having done so, the next thing you have to do is set up your profile as interesting and valuable as possible as it is the first thing a person sees about you. You can add beautiful pictures, inspirational quotes and things about you in your profile.

After setting up your profile, you can find people, create groups and join groups as well. It will help you discover new people and interact with them. If you have found someone, the Yuemey app allows you to directly message them privately and communicate with them without any other formalities. If they are impressed with your profile and your messages, they are most likely to reply and establish communication. A unique story can also be created with the help of a video to attract people, even more towards you.

Here is the iTunes Link for downloading the app

itunes app store logo

Yuemey- Social Networking iOS App- Detailed Review
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