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Yathit vs Collabspot: Which SugarCRM Chrome Extension Is Better?

When it comes to productivity tools that supercharge your CRM efforts by syncing SugarCRM/SuiteCRM inside Gmail, Collabspot and Yathit are two of the best ones out there. Although Collabspot has been around for much longer and is being operated by a big team of developers, Yathit has caught up with its excellent features really quickly which has resulted in Yathit gaining a lot of market share recently.

While both of them are somewhat immature and need polishing of UI and UX, functionality wise, they are almost the same and offer more or less the same features such as archive email, search/create/edit Sugar records, sync contacts/calendar, template, email tracking and social information.

Yathit Vs Collabspot

As a sales professional, you must be wondering which one is the best suited to your needs? Let’s take a detailed look at both of these chrome extension to answer this question:

Product Comparison Review

#1. Security

The key difference between Yathit and Collabspot is the added security that Yathit provides due to the way how it works. Yathit is a browser app that requires only a few domains to be whitelisted and sends a direct REST request to Sugar server. On the other hand, Collabspot requires your Sugar credentials as well as whitelisting of all Collabspot server IPs.

#2. Setup

Setting up Yathit is much simpler as compared to Collabspot since it does not request any Google services from the beginning.

#3. Templates

Yathit uses SugarCRM templates whereas Collabspot uses its own built-in templates to automatically fill dynamic files from Sugar contact record.

#4. Sync Frequency

Since frequency is limited in Collabspot (every 1 hour in standard, every 15 minutes in premium) while Yathit has no such limit.

#4. Search Speed

When searching CRM data, Yathit takes the cake with its faster speed and more accurate search results as compared to Collabspot. You will be able to find the desired record even with misspellings. Also, when archiving an email to Sugar, Yathit is very quick to know if an email message is already in Sugar or not which makes selecting related records much easier.

#5. Calendar Sync

Collabspot syncs meeting by assigned users whereas Yathit syncs meeting by attendee. Collabspot uses dedicated calendar whereas Yathit can use any calendar including default calendar which makes it more flexible for the end user.

#6. Pricing

Both Yathit and Collabspot offer a free limited trial. If you are looking for just the basic features, the free version of Yathit may be all you need and you can use it for as long as you need whereas, for Collabspot, the free trial is limited to 14 days. Premium plan for Yathit is $100/year while Collabspot offers a Standard $9/month, Power $15/month and an A la carte plan depending on the specific needs.

Final Word

All in all, given the features both these Chrome extensions offer, Yathit seems like the best bang for the buck but we leave the final decision up to you.

Yathit vs Collabspot: Which SugarCRM Chrome Extension Is Better?
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