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XNSPY Review: Is It Better than Your Average iPhone Spy App?

It’s time that we pay some heed to the safety and security of all those electronic gadgets that we have surrounded ourselves with, unless, we want to create a big mess of our privacy. Data infringement has turned into a bit too sophisticated a process, and so do we need to take the same attitude with protecting our devices.

So today, we all need to learn one very important lesson: No matter what we do, the most effective way to minimize the collateral of data theft is by never keeping anything such inside our phone that we wouldn’t be ready to post online, otherwise.

iphone spy app

It’s a wise idea to do so. But you can’t do the same for devices that are not under your own use, like those of your kids’ or employees’. For these important people in your life, you can go for monitoring their iOS devices with this app XNSPY. It will work discretely inside the target device, while providing you the remote access to it. Take a look at what XNSPY is and how it can protect your kids’ privacy and your company’s corporate data and in the end, you will know if this app is better than the other iPhone spy app.

iphone spy app

What is XNSPY?

XNSPY is a parental control and employee monitoring software. It comes in two versions: Jailbreak and NoJailbreak. The latter can work only using the Apple iCloud ID and password, while the former requires a manual installation of the copy of the app onto the target device. The remaining mechanics for the both versions are same i.e. you control the target device using the online Webpage based control panel.

On the purchase of your XNSPY subscription, you will be getting your account details (like username and password) required to sign-in to your online Dashboard. From there, you can control the following features on the target iOS device.

  • Phone logs: this includes all calls (incoming, outgoing and missed), emails and internet browsing history. You will also be able to access contacts and even calendar entries from the target device.
  • Remote access: this feature of X SNSPY actsas a remote control for the target device, using which you can either lock it or wipe data from the device’s storage.
  • Calls recording: if there are some calls that you would like to record, XNSPY will also let you do that. You can also activate the microphone of target iOS device to record the surroundings.
  • Instant messaging: you can get access to IM apps installed on the target device, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, iMessage, Skype and Kik.
  • GPS tracking and Geo-fencing: XNSPY will let you track target user’s real-time location and also Geo-fence it, so that the monitored person stays within the prescribed geographical boundaries.

Is It Better Than The Others?

In some ways, XNSPY is better. Like when it comes to pricing, the app can easily beat any other app with its price of just $8.33/month. But about the features, the app is just a modest one. It’s not really better in terms of features (as there are some other feature-packed apps in the market like Flexispy), but considering the duo of price and features, XNSPY is definitely better than other iPhone spy app.

XNSPY Review: Is It Better than Your Average iPhone Spy App?
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