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Why You Should Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) For Websites?

If you have a website, blog or anything online, you must be knowing that how important it is for you to have a fast and best browsing experience for all of your site visitors. If you lag behind in this area, you may have to face losses in various forms like hurting conversation rate, online reputation, bounce rates of the company and many more. But most of us do not know about the best ways of ensuring the fast loading of the website. Although there are many ways to do so, but the most effective way now a day is using any CDN (Content Delivery Network) for your website.

What is a CDN?

As the name clarifies, CDN is a large network of multiple servers which are located in diverse, distant or close geographical areas. The aim of placing these servers in different geographical area is that it strategically distributes static data of website to the visitors that are geographically close. This makes the connection fast,as it distributes the data between the closest internet nodes instead of routing it through the origin server. As the origin server may be located near or far from the user, so it’s always better to use the CDN internet nodes for fast data retrieval.

The reason described above is not the only reason for using CDNs. There are many other benefits attached to it. Let me highlight a few to make you understand the full potential of CDNs.

1. As it uses different internet nodes instead of just the original server, it minimizes the packet loss. Thus it improves the streaming quality.

2. While downloading or uploading any audio or video we often get jitters and pauses, but by using CDNs we get a better experience for our user as it minimizes the transmission times.

3. It is a proved fact that by using CDNs, the internet speed improves.

4. CDN provides its user with file mirroring, which protects data, in case, there is any natural disaster.

5. CDNs give opportunity to the organization for uploading videos which can be streamed by its users with a high speed. By relying on the CDNs, organization can improve their online presence by uploading videos of multiple kinds like how-to-videos, video libraries, training videos, marketing videos etc.

6. CDNs improve the scalability of the servers.

7. With CDNs, companies can even broadcast their own programs, in line with the pattern followed by the major networks of the world. It do so by enabling the linear network. One can even create a 24-hour CDN with its help.

8. Live delivery of programs or videos can be optimized with CDN.

9. Helps in SEO improvement.

10. CDNs provide additional security by mitigating the DDos attacks, which is an associated danger, if the traffics is routed from your origin server. You can implement SSL certs through CDNs.

Although, there are some disadvantages of using CDNs also, like content management problems, lack of direct control, wrong choice of server’s geographical location; but its benefits ouster the disadvantages beneficially. So, one must definitely try using CDNs for fast content delivery to their valued consumers.

Choosing the best CDN is not an easy task in itself. The process is very time consuming as well as challenging. Here, I am trying to offer you a good collection of CDN and CDN pricing comparison and other information support, to find the best CDN suitable for you. So, go through this table thoroughly to make a sound and informative decision.

cdn pricing comparison

Final Thoughts

I think, this information will help you a lot in choosing the best CDN. It am again advising it highly, to include CDN in your workflow, frameworks, CMS etc. This will help you immensely to grow your business or online presence. Try them once and you will never be able to abandon it for sure.

Why You Should Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) For Websites?
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