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Why Web Page Scroll Is Not For Everyone

If you have been reading about web design recently, you must have noticed a lot of experts recommend, to keep the page scrolling. Web pages are now on the scroll and seem to be the second most popular trend now after responsive design template.

The popularity of ‘scrollable pages’ grew rapidly after its success on social platforms like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. But, it is not just clichéd to social sites only. Take a look at some of the most renowned website pages like Basecamp’s home page, the catalog pages of Apple iPhone 6 or maybe B3NET’s web development landing page, and you would notice the same trade in practice.

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So What Is The Reason Behind Such Trend?

According to latest observations, mobile usage is on the rise, which has led websites to think more from the user experience point of view. But what made scrolling more preferable than clicking? To answer this, we need to think from the visitor’s point of view. According to Yusuf Asgerally, of Usability 101, “touch interfaces have made swiping down a screen and scrolling through long pages much easier”. This statement stands true, since mobile users can swipe down for more information, rather than hit on some button and wait for the page to load.

What Is Its Advantage From The Technical Point Of View?

Scrolling helps to maintain a flat structure where every content is placed hierarchically on the same level. This makes it interesting for the readers to keep on reading as they scroll down for more information to stream out. This keeps the audience at bay from any web navigation design distraction and more focused on what your website has to say.

But Is Scrolling Applicable For All Web Pages?

This is where the main question lies. While page length is no more an issue, on the other hand, the length of a page is also determined by the informational relevance. If people are looking for a particular content or maybe for a more relevant option, then a site with the scroll option might be a big mistake. The services would be presented in a linear pattern making it difficult to filter out the intended information. In addition, it leaves no room to sort down the products page wise, in case anyone wants to come back to a particular product and make a purchase.

Where Is Scrolling Actually Applicable?

It tends to work best when your page has a story to tell or needs to display a list of features.

Incorporate visual elements to compliment your copy, since that engages one’s attention even more. Sometimes, a lengthy page often leaves viewers confused as to what you want them to do. Do pay close attention to the elements that you want to include in the fold above your web page, to ensure your readers do not miss the point. If you have a lengthy landing page, incorporate your call-to-action buttons at regular intervals to keep the focus on your ultimate objective.

Why Web Page Scroll Is Not For Everyone
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