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Why social commerce is of utmost importance?

The concept of online commerce is changing all together. It is no more a brick and mortar model where you develop a website to sell your products and services online. Just preparing a descriptive sales page and adding shopping cart won’t bring successful conversions. 
Traditional e-commerce has taken a U turn where reaching to real customers have become the need of the hour. People no
more take interest on direct promotions and advertorials shown your site. No matter how good SEO you have done to drive traffic to your e-commerce site, without genuine customers reviewing your site it is of no use. You need real buyers to view your products and give positive feedback. Sales will automatically follow.
Are you aware of this evolution of social commerce? Is your business prepared for all these consequences after traditional marketing practices have taken backstage?  It is high time you develop a strong social commerce channel for your business.  
How do you do that? 

It is simple when you have contacted the right social marketing partner for the job.
 But before that you need to know what social commerce refers to.
In the world of social commerce it is buyers who make the buying decisions. This does not depend on seller descriptions only; rather it is social reviews by others what counts. 
If product and service buyers participate in active discussion and provide feedback and recommendations to friends and others about a certain brand, the purpose gets solved. Feedbacks always help sellers change their business model if needed.  
Social commerce depends on viral marketing. There is nothing great than people following your reviews on Twitter, FB, Dig, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Yahoo Buzz and other social bookmarking sites. You get real visitors who actually surf net for a purpose.
If your product images, videos are shared among rich networks people will identify your business as a market leader. Thus conversion rate increases and you make maximum and long-term profit.

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Why social commerce is of utmost importance?
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