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Why SMS marketing is so popular

The majority of the developed world now has access to at least one mobile phone either on a pay-as-you-go or a contract basis.
It is hard to remember how we used to get in contact with each other. Methods such as letter writing, phone boxes and, to an extent, the landline all seem extremely dated now.
Great Britain is a nation of mobile phone addicts and it is the huge popularity of mobile phones, as well as the fact that most people carry them wherever they go, that makes SMS marketing such a gloriously obvious idea.

By using SMS software to send out promotional messages to mobile phones in bulk, businesses can spread the word to a huge number of people at a relatively low cost.
The main reason why SMS marketing works is that the majority of marketers only send messages to consumers who opt-in to a SMS marketing campaign.
Opt-in campaigns are great for marketers because they only target consumers who are interested in your brand. This saves the money wasted advertising to people who are completely uninterested in a company’s products and often results in high response rates.
They are also handy because many companies who use them are able to gain a lot of additional information about their subscribers as well. This allows them to segment their SMS marketing messages and increase the relevance of each text message they send.
A lot of successful SMS marketing campaigns offer consumers the chance to get money off a product if they call or text a certain phone number. Other SMS campaigns inform customers in certain regions of deals close to them in order to entice them into a store.
Companies who have not invested in SMS marketing should definitely do some additional research as to how it is used to market businesses in their industry.
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Why SMS marketing is so popular
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