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Why should you avoid doing BPM job in-house?

BPM technology rocks today. It has already redefined modern age businesses and their work flows.
There is no second opinion about it. Not only business managers but also CEOs, CIOs and CTOs have shown confidence in this process management solution. 
But here the million dollar question is – would you prefer developing effective BPM solution all by yourself or you want to assign the job to some professionals? What according to you is feasible and justified?  Since developing an
effective BPM solution in-house demands large amount of effort, patient and time, you need to make a choice between the two.
Can a large organisation really withhold the hassles of setting up in-house BPM solutions?  The idea is not bad if you hire a quality service provider and outsource the job.
In reality IT decision makers and business managers are often confused and don’t know what work best when it comes to executing BPM technology.  Here in this post we will analyse the problems if you do it internally.
To build a BPM solution in vitro you need to –
1.    Have a proper business strategy and planning in place. It should include long-term planning as well.
2.    Figure out the future road maps and forecast long time possibilities.
3.    Invest time in arranging processes right from the scratch
4.    Understand the problem area and reduce unwanted errors
5.    Assess various critical aspects of business architecture
6.    Design, deploy and examine the performance
This entire course of actions need to be performed with due care and in time.  Any deviation from it can create issues that you can’t control yourself.
Here are the types of problems you will face if done all by yourself
     1.    Business functions do change and you can’t run after new processes every day.
     2.    You won’t be dealing with similar technologies every time new requirements arrive.
     3.    It takes time to customize and deploy BPM solutions. Making it easy and affordable is not  everyone’s cup of tea.
     4.    You have to compensate with work efficiency of existing employee as they will be busy in learning new things altogether.
     5.    On the whole you will forfeit your core competencies and take more time in executing things. Chances of error are also high if you don’t take help from experts. 
So, it is your turn to decide – whether keeping BPM job in-house would make you profit or it is a sheer wastage of precious man hours.
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Why should you avoid doing BPM job in-house?
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