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Why Quality of Paper is Important in Photo Printing?

Just finished your first photography session – the lightening was perfect, clients are amazing to work with and obviously, the location was wonderful. The props, which you had picked up with care,were fabulous. You feel giddy while openingthe images that you captured. The time is carefully spent in processing the images to perfection. Everything is perfect and now you are worried about printing of the images you have poured your soul into?

When it comes to sending your photographs for print, it is natural for you to feel cynical about what the final outcome will be. But, you can still be quite optimistic about it.

The following points will  better prepare your images for print: How?Take a look.


Always edit the photos on an upgraded monitor. The photos you see on your screen is exactly what your images will look after print. This will give you a better ideaof how the printed images are likely to appear. However, there are many more methods, which you can try to get accurate screen to print color photos. These include using colors correctly with appropriate lightening while editing and viewing your images.


Before you send your images for print, you can refer to various free photo editing softwareand select the one, which attracts your interest.You don’t need to be an expert photographer or attend any immediate fashion photography classes Dubai to process your photos.These easy-to-use software come along with various photo editing tools and services.

Cropping, dimensions and formats are also important factors when you consider printing your images. If you leave your images in an unchanged order by assuming that the printing company will do that for you, you might gets products, which are poor in quality. So, always make sure to submit your images in the correct format or the resolution, in whichyou want them. You can zoomthe photos in to 100% to see the actual view. What you see in the web version of the photograph is more dramatized and crisp, as you are viewing the image at 100%. This can be done by assuming that what we you get in print will be closer to what we see on the web.Still more, if you are unable to do, contact the printing company and explain the situation to them. Have a talk and let them know your image requirements – format, dimensions, resolution and other features that you want. This will guarantee not only accurate results, but also ones that you can rely on.     

Why Paper Prints

You can have the option of saving multiple copies of the images in digital formats – throughdiscs, pen drive, social profiles or online companies that store files. But the truth is, electronic media is constantly transforming. Hence, hard drives can fail, social accounts can get deleted or hacked, and the online companies can go out of business. Hence, it is important to print your precious photos, which you would like to keep in good conditions for the years to come.

High quality of paper is important. Be it a fine art paper, canvas or photo paper, these components help images to remain in great condition over the years.They don’t fade or  tear easily. When you first receive the photos in discounted prints, they tend to appear the same,as is the result when printed onhigh-quality papers. But, with  the passage of time, the discount print will start to exhibit problems. Hence, it is better to avoid it from the very beginning.

The best way is to print your images onhigh-quality paper rather than onlow-grade ones. Often papersof a better quality cost more than discounted prints. However, you can have an underlying advantage: you don’t need to spend money on the restoration process of your prints after every five years. It is always the best option to have your imagesprinted on high-quality paper from the start. The ultimate result: you will be able to save some money as well as get the photos printed in the best possible manner.

So, What’sthe Best Trick?

The best way to make your photos last a lifetime is to create an album. This will not only store your prints, but you will feel proud while displaying the album to your family and friends. You may choose to spend some extra money in making your photos get a UV protective coating to decrease the risk of fading over time. Further, you can custom framesome of your photos. If the print is on canvas paper, mention the printing company the type of canvas wrap you want in your frame.

Order Sample Prints

Lastly, how to find a quality photo printing company? The best way is to ask for free test print. This will help you to understand their quality of work before you send your photos for print. If you still have questions to ask, let them know through a phone call or an email.
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Why Quality of Paper is Important in Photo Printing?
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