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Why did Google change the title in the SERPs?

Google sometimes changes the title in the SERP. The thing is not new , but why would he?

Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, in a recent article published on the Webmaster Central Blog – and taken on WebProNews – it has explained the reasons for their choice:

Page titles play an important part in our results: they are the first line of each result, and the links that users click to get to our websites. Our advice for webmasters has always been to write unique titles and descriptions (and meta description for the snippet) that express what it’s about the page.

We use many signals to decide which title to show users in the first place the tag title if the webmaster has specified one. But for a few pages, this title may not be the best show in all the queries, and then we have an algorithm that generates alternative titles to make it easier for our users to recognize the most relevant pages. Our tests have shown that the alternative titles are generally more relevant to the query and can substantially improve the percentage of clicks on results, helping both users and webmasters. This is the reason for which we show an alternative title about half of the times.

It can also happen that the alternative title to be shown for pages that do not have a title or have a descriptive title is not specified in HTML. For example, a title that simply uses the word “Home” is not really what it’s about the page. Another common problem is when the webmaster uses the same title on almost every page of the site, sometimes exactly duplicated at other times only small variations. Finally we try to replace the securities unnecessarily long or difficult to read, with more concise and descriptive.

For more information on how to write best title and meta description, and to learn more about the signals that we use to generate alternative titles we have just updated an article on our Help Center – here the video of Matt Cutts from the article – about this topic.
In this piece the Help Center Google, includes these other 5 tips:

• make sure that each page has a specific title tags 
• page titles should be descriptive and concise 
• Avoid keyword stuffing 
• avoids stocks with repetition and boilerplate 
• enter the brand in the title, but in a concise

“If we find that a particular result presents a problem up reported, we can try to generate a better title using anchor text of the page or other sources” also says Google. “However, sometimes the pages well written, concise and descriptive title ends up in the SERP with a different title, because it is more relevant to the query. There’s a simple reason: the title tag, which specifies that the webmaster, is a static compared to the query. Once we know the user’s query, we often offer an alternative and more relevant title. Using it we can help you, and therefore the site. The users run quickly SERP in search of relevant signals, and a way tailored to the query can increase your chances of receiving a click.“

Pierre Far reaffirms the thing about Google + :

1. Our algorithms generate 3 alternate titles so that the page no longer bound to have a title only for all queries where it is located. This allows us to offer our users the most relevant results, and … 
2. … In the media, these alternative titles get more clicks in the results, ie more traffic for the website.

The title tag is one of the primary sources to define the title that show, so our suggestion is to make it concise, useful and attractive “Far ends, which also suggests keeping an eye on the feature” HTML Tips “(within the “Troubleshooting” section of Webmaster Tools), through which Google informs the webmasters about titles that can be improved.
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Why did Google change the title in the SERPs?
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