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Why Choose a WordPress Theme Based On Loading Time

Performance refers to the way a website can be optimized to reduce average load time. It is become a trendy topic for every developers and webmarketing experts. Why such a focus on web performance?

It is because the average load page of a website has two important consequences:

  • Increase in conversion: Statistic studies show that a faster website has a much better change to generate sales. For instance, in 2009, Amazon quantified this impact, and found out that a increase in average load time of 0.1s cost them about $200M !
  • SEO improvement: Google and many other SERP have been analyzing average load page for years. A slower website, other things being equal, seen as a lower quality website, and will therefore not be ranked as high as it could have been. Focusing on web performance can usually result in better SEO rankings

As part of a WordPress website or blog, the theme plays a very important role in the performance you can reasonably expect from your website. Minimalist WordPress themes tend to be overlooked, because they do not offer as many options to personalize its design. When benchmarking WordPress Themes, it is obvious that the most popular ones are usually the one that offer a lot of customizable options. Some of these comprehensive themes are a performance nightmare: With dozens of template, hundreds of options, and several plugins, your website will be way to heavy to be quick, unless you spend a fortune on hosting, But let’s not be too quick to judge, some heavy themes are sometime optimized enough to be as quick as some of the more minimalist one. It is usually difficult to know what to expect before having developed your website.

In order for you to make the right choice, InTrigger realized this great infographics, that ranks 20 of the most popular WordPress themes according to a custom performance score.

This performance score is built using all of the main performance indicators : PingdomTools, Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix.

WordPress Themes - Performance and Average Load Time

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Why Choose a WordPress Theme Based On Loading Time
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