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Who needs electronic components?

You can order pretty much anything online nowadays, within reason. However for those who are passionate about a niche sector, where only the highest quality products or components will do, the internet really can be a shoppers paradise!
Anyone who is into electronics, for example, can buy their goods in bulk. This is important, because serious hobbyists are likely to need metres upon metres of wire, solder and of course, components.
Specifically though, what kinds of people are the most likely to buy electronic components online?
Well, a previously-mentioned one – hobbyists. Some people just love to know how things work. These are the kids that grew up unscrewing every electronic gift they ever received, just to see how the circuit board wired up. These are also the kinds of people that it’s handy to know if you need a plug re-wiring around the house or when a fuse has blown!
Sparkies, or electricians, on the other hand are the kinds of people whose livelihoods absolutely depend on having a multitude of electronic components ready to go. It takes years to be a professional sparky and considering the range of devices that they have to handle day-in-day-out, it pays for them to be prepared for all situations.
Repair shops also need to have a large stock of electronic components ready to fix anything from radios to TVs, games consoles to vacuum cleaners. One of the benefits for all of these kinds of people is that buying in bulk can normally get you a significant discount and the most dedicated component sellers will make sure that you get your goods in outstanding condition.
Finally there’s the humble inventor. Hundreds of British people love nothing more than to dream about becoming the next Alan Sugar, Tim Berners-Lee or James Dyson. Well, for some, this could be a reality. Shows like ‘Dragons Den’ have shown just how determined one man, or woman, in their shed can be. For these people, a few humble electronic components could well revolutionise the way we all live our lives in future; an exciting prospect indeed.
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Who needs electronic components?
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