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Which phone is the best for playing music?

Technological developments have seen the old school mobile phone evolve into a multi-functional device central to communications and entertainment. In addition to mobile phones incorporating functions that enable the user to take photographs, access the internet and download apps, they are becoming increasingly useful for playing music.

Music enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the convenience of having a music player built into a mobile phone – as well as the quality of sound that is on offer – which has resulted in them almost entirely replacing a separate music device. The obvious choice for those looking for a mobile phone that has the most to offer in regards to playing music would be the iPhone, which is fundamentally an iPod Touch with the mobile phone element coming almost as a secondary function.

Since its launch in 2001, the iPhone has continually developed and improved. As of July 2009, iPhones boast of an impressive 32GB of storage for music, movies, podcasts, and applications; and the music features have become increasingly innovative. These include the ‘genius’ feature whereby the user can select a song, tap the ‘genius’ tab and wait to be impressed by the ability of the iphone to create a play list of similar songs. Additionally, AirPlay lets the user stream music wirelessly from an iPhone to a speaker connected to an AirPort Express.

All versions of the iPhone are integrated with iTunes and have the advantage of allowing the user to access the fantastic range of music features which come under the Apple umbrella. Additionally, with the ability to download apps the user also has access to music apps such as the popular Spotify which is used for streaming music.

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