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What’s Driving Antivirus Software Vendors?

cyber crime

A simple rule of business is supply and demand. The internet is not immune to this economic rule and regulation, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the antivirus software niche.

We use the internet for basically everything today, especially online buying, selling of goods and services. It has become reflex to just punch in your credit card details, without giving it a second thought. This exposes us to threats, which, in effect, are the drivers of the Antivirus Software market.

So, what’s driving antivirus software vendors? Three things:

  • A growing dependence on the Internet,
  • An unprecedented rise in online transactions which also cause internet trafficking, which has induced to:
  • A dramatic increase in cyber crime

With the rise in computer viruses, fraud, phishing, identity theft and hacking, and also with mobile devices becoming our preferred method of online activity, these drivers won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. To cope with the ever increasing cyber attacks, Symantec Inc., one of the major antivirus software manufacturers, is constantly upgrading its data base of viruses and malicious coding to protect its users. To give an extra incentive to buyers, Symantec is giving out norton coupons that give up to 20% discount on its products. One of the most known products is the Norton Security Deluxe.

Norton Security Deluxe

Many malicious people are out there in the internet aiming at spreading malware and viruses. To protect you from these you need to use the Norton Security Deluxe. This is internet security software that protects PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones from any malware. With it on your device you will be safe and protected from anything that may cause the device to malfunction.

What exactly does the Norton Security Deluxe do? It alerts you about any risky apps before they are downloaded. Any suspicious content and suspicious social media scams are detected and you are notified. Infected and dangerous downloads are blocked while the hard disk is kept clean by frequent cleaning that frees up space. Online identity is protected and so is the information you share. With the Norton Security Deluxe you will be able to safeguard several PCs, Macs, tablets or smart phones with one subscription. A web portal is available through which users can be able to manage all their devices.

The Norton Security Deluxe is better at ensuring safety when connected to the internet than when using any other. The best part about using the Deluxe is that it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results you get you can report this to Symantec (the maker of Norton Deluxe) and they will refund all the money.


  • Easy to use even by a total novice
  • Offers optimal security and privacy through frequent updates
  • Affordable because of the available norton security coupons


Existing users must renew their subscription via one of the notifications send by Norton if they want to have the remaining days of their subscription included. If the license is renewed by another means, the new subscription will start counting immediately it is purchased no matter the number of days that had been left in the previous subscription.

Cost and Coupon Codes

You could buy Norton Security Deluxe subscription at the over $80 it is sold or you could take advantage of the many discounts there are out there. By using these Norton coupons you will be able to save some money that you can put to better use.

There are many Norton Security coupons that one can get. You can get up to $70 off at the 3-year subscription, too. To get the best deal, look at the various coupon sites and see the coupons they have. With these you will be able to save money on different websites where you will buy the Norton Security coupons. Just ensure that the coupon is valid and type the coupon code at check out.

What’s Driving Antivirus Software Vendors?
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