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What You Need to Know When Choosing a Freight Forwarder

FBA Freight ForwarderFBA Freight Forwarder

We live in a fast paced planet that is heavily reliant on supply chain optimization, timelessness, shippers, consistent service, importers, and exporters. Naturally, selecting freight forwarder for International and Domestic logistic needs, choosing the right one can leave an impact on your business success.

But there are lots of considerations that needs to keep in mind when choosing a freight forwarder or a fba forwarder. There are many questions that will come across your mind like for instance, at what point does your responsibility and liability of the cargo begin or end? The size, weight, value and dimension of your cargo.

Here are some important factors that you would like to consider when choosing an freight forwarder

1. Learn about the company

You will need to do some research about the company that you are choosing to go for. Apart from expertise, there are several other factors that need to be considered. So before you choose, go through their website thoroughly, company rules and regulations, international treaties, industry terms, what logistics do you need and other shipment requirements.


2. Type of Shipment

There are multiple types of shipment you can choose from. And this you will have to consider. If you are importing good in China, then you would have to consider using ocean freight. However, if you need to import to Vietnam then you will have to consider using air freight. If it is importing oil drilling equipment that you need to import to Dubai, then you can avail the RORO or the Bulk Service.


3. Modes of Transport

Freight forwards can have multiple modes of transport. However, they might not be able to handle all the combinations together. So before you decide to choose one, make sure that you ask them about their expertise

4. Check for Multiple Service Contracts

This is important when factors like space availability or trucking company becomes an issue. You might then look for an alternative.

5. Good Network Connections

Having good network connections with overseas agents will ensure smooth information flow. This will become important during the time of product tracking. You would be able to find out at what time would you receive the shipped product.


Choosing the right taobao agent is important to help your company focus on the core competencies. Freight rates are somewhat commoditized and the service prize often paramount to the price of the logistics. However, the right freight forwarder should be experienced enough to maintain the balance between your company’s operational, cost requirements and speed and shipment choices.

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Freight Forwarder
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