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What Executive WordPress Social Media Plugins Must be Installed in Your Website?

So your website is up and running and things are coming together. We always try and improve on things we love. Your website is your baby and you want to give it the attention and care it deserves. Social media is an important addition to any website but can be difficult to manage. This is why some companies and individuals design social plugins for website to help you out a bit.

wordpress social media plugins

Let’s have a look at the top WordPress social media plugins for your website.

#1. LessButtons

lessbuttons wordpress plugin

This free social media plugin allows you to place your social media buttons on your website. By displaying these buttons on your website, you have a better chance of your visitors finding your social media pages. There is also a magnifier feature, which allows other users to see who has shared or liked your page.

#2. MicroBlog Poster

microblog poster wordpress plugin

I love this plugin. Basically when you post to your website, this plugin will directly post this to your social media accounts. Instead of you going to each of your accounts, you are able to post to your website and be done. All your social media accounts will be updated with the new post automatically. This is a real time saver if you ask me.

#3. Floating Social Media Icon

Floating Social Media Icon

This is a great addition to your website when you are trying to grab the attention of your readers quickly. When someone visits your website, this plugin will have your social media button float down on the page. This will quickly move the eyes of your audience to the social media buttons floating around. We are visual creatures so this will be a quick and easy way to get more visitors to your social media accounts.

#4. SumoMe

sumome wordpress plugin

This plugin hasn’t been around as long as other so it may be considered a newbie. With features like email list building and content analysis, it’s easy to see why it’s exceeding some of the older plugins. SumoMe has worked hard to help you promote your content without much effort at all. This will be a great benefit to your website.

#5. Shareaholic

shareaholic wordpress plugin

Used by millions of website owners, this plugin has grown in popularity in the past few years. Shareaholic helps promote your website, engage your audience and thus growing your traffic. This plugin is available to most of the major software platforms. You are also allowed to specify which of your content takes priority over the other in order to draw more visitors to your popular posts.

#6. LoginRadius

LoginRadius WordPress plugin

This is more than a social media plugin. LoginRadius has three main features that will help your social media growth. Social sharing, social integration and social data collection are the three legs of this plugin. LoginRadius makes it easy for website owners to integrate social media logins. It took a while for webmasters to discover and get use to this social media plugin, but it has become one of the popular plugins out there.

You really cannot go wrong with these social media plugins. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, you now have a host of tools to help automate certain processes. Constantly giving to your website visitors will show you are building a website that is not going anywhere soon. By making social media navigation from your website easy, will both benefit the user and the webmaster.

What Executive WordPress Social Media Plugins Must be Installed in Your Website?
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Victoria Kane

Victoria Kane

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Victoria Kane
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