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What exactly is pipeline security?

You may have heard about how important pipeline security is, but are you actually familiar with the term? It’s pretty self-explanatory – protecting pipelines against the many threats that face them. You may think this is limited to natural disasters or the like, but there are actually many threats posed again pipelines that you aren’t aware of.
For example, pipelines – whether they are based on land or underwater (sub-aqua) – can be subject to all kinds of attacks. Terrorists may choose to pinpoint them within their operations; likewise those in the illegal tapping or sabotage businesses. Although perhaps more of a threat in less-developed countries, all countries must protect themselves against the threat of terrorists hacking into pipelines; particularly given the heightened state of tension seen throughout the world in recent years.
Putting aside the obvious dangerous aspects of terrorism attacks, damage to pipelines can have a devastating impact upon a community, town or city. Damage to such lines can cause water shortages, drops in revenue for local businesses and even environmental hazards; depending on what substance runs through them. What’s more, it may not be noticeable straight away that an attack has taken place, let alone weeks before specialists can identify how the damage happened.
That’s why it’s important for those in charge of pipeline security to have strong procedures in place to deal with such attacks. They must recognise the best practice methods for taking care of any damaged pipelines; whilst also keeping strong communication between them and the government, to ensure any expected attacks are mitigated.
So you see, pipeline security is truly very important to each and every country in the world. It could mean the difference between an economy thriving and doing badly, which – let’s face it – is pretty important in the grand scheme of life.
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