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What Do You Need To Make The Switch From Cable TV To Internet TV?

When they say that you can find anything online, you had better believe that they are not wrong. A few decades ago, the web was for entertainment before the business world discovered how strong it could be. In the modern world most people have a web presence. It does not matter about age or location, the web has managed to penetrate the barriers of age. This is why you find that everything that you need can be found online.

Internet TV has finally started making its loyal fans as technology advancement continues to break through. In the modern setting, you find many ways in which you can access the web via your TV. This is making people opt to go for Internet TV as opposed to cable TV. Some require the help of a computer while others are inbuilt or freestanding. The following is an insight on the tools that you require to complete the process.

1. The first thing you need is Internet access

It is rather obvious that you will require Internet access in order for you to enjoy Internet TV. Contact your telecommunication service or web services provider so that you can kill two birds with one stone. See how they go about their Internet charges. You can shop around, compare different providers, and use one that suits your needs.

Yu must be very careful and particular about the packages that you take on for your Internet services. This is because the market is filled with options and some may not be very good for you. Avoid paying for options that offer thousands of TV channels.

You will discover that they sell you a consolidated access to free channels that you can get by yourself. Another problem is that some of these channels look promising but they keep failing. Do not be coerces to get any special tuner cards to enable your TV to access online channels. The technology used today has bypasses the need for those special tuners.

2. It is all about the connection speed

The interesting part about hardware is that since the 1990s, it has not really changed much. The major changes are happening with the software. Make sure that your data transfer software is up to date. This will increase your speed and make a better connection.

You will require a speed of at least 1mbps that is un-interrupted to enable you to enjoy your show. However, this is not hard to attain given that most people are on the web most of the time. The service providers have ensured that this service is at your disposal. All you have to do is make the connection and be loyal to the payments that are remarkably lower that cable TV.

Remember that you do not have to get the biggest bandwidth on the package for you to be able to enjoy good quality Internet TV. Just be wise with your connection and make the most of it. If you are able to make a hotspot to cover your home, then you will be good to go. You can have different TV sets in your home that tap into the hotspot. You can also have your laptop, tablets, smart phones and other gadgets using the same hotspot.

3. At some point in time, hardware will matter too

If you want to watch your Internet TV on your pc, make sure that it is above a Pentium 3. This is because it will be required to have more than 500MHZ in terms of processing speed. The best options would be to have a pc with multi-processing abilities for both speed and memory.

You should work with a RAM of at least 512MB with at least 128MB of video RAM. When it comes to HD content and above, you must raise the stakes to at least 1GB RAM with 256 video RAM. This way, your processing and streaming speed are going to be at par with your hardware.

If you are using your TV, make sure that it is Internet ready. Some come with inbuilt WIFI adapters such that you will connect directly. If that is not the case, you can connect via a third party device such as a router, Blu ray player, your laptop or an Internet adapter. Make sure that your connection is reliable so that you avoid constant breakdown of connections.
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What Do You Need To Make The Switch From Cable TV To Internet TV?
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