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What broadcasters need for their outside transmissions

With modern broadcasts in picture-perfect high-definition quality, audiences have come to expect a certain degree of finesse on their television broadcasts. Gone are the days of Fawlty Towers and the like where external shots were of remarkably less quality than those filmed on-set, replaced instead by rolling news footage in which the broadcaster comes to us in glimmering HD whether he’s sat in a plush studio armchair or running around the streets of London.

Outside broadcasts now rely on high quality transmitters to be able to capture footage the broadcasters want it to, but then be able to send it quickly back to base for editing and transmission. In the case of live broadcasts, however, such as news, music festivals or the coverage of special events, a system is required that will not only do the job but be completely reliable to ensure nothing goes wrong on live, national TV.
Firstly, broadcasters need to ensure that the images will be able to be transmitted from the location. Even if they capture award-winning footage, it’s of little to no use without the ability to be able to get it to air in time for broadcast. Therefore, businesses need to be certain they are not going to be out of the signal range but also have a number of contingency plans to rely upon in case it does not, in fact, go alright on the night and the unforeseeable occurred.

Where news is concerned, broadcasters may also need editing software. If the report is edited and spliced by the reporter themselves and not by editing teams back at base, they will need to be sure they have adequate facilities and software to be able to produce a professional-looking piece that has all the quality its viewers have come to expect.

Of course, there are huge variables that can occur on the day of broadcast that nobody can prepare for, regardless of how much forethought and preparation has gone into the planning. But in securing a company to provide comprehensive outside broadcasting facilities will make the broadcaster’s job much easier and minimise the risks or the potential damage that their occurrence could cause.

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