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What are the Hidden Danger of Public Wi-Fi

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VPN is the fastest and simplest way to protect the online environment and make data transfer safely. These services are available for everyone and allow unrestricted access to any web content from every corner of the world. Businessmen, journalists, politicians, travelers should use this service to protect identity, location and personal bank information that can become available to hackers. Airports, shopping malls, libraries, coffee shops are real hotspots for cyber-crime as we all tend to forget and neglect personal safety issues and to make online payments, to check e-mails, managing business matters, chatting, browsing through social networks providing hackers with the great amount of personal information including bank details, passwords and many more.

Taking into account that we can’t exist without Internet it is wiser to take care of strong protection.Before choosing the provider it is useful reading online reviews posted on special websites, this site will help to make the right decision.

Travelers, who spend a lot of time on the go, especially in other countries are familiar with connectivity and speed problems, restricted access to certain web content, as well as vulnerability of sensible private data. Moreover, travelers are often visiting public places to use free Wi-Fi but only approx. 18% of all users are familiar with VPN services and over 60% are convinced that the data is well protected when using public Internet. When using free Wi-Fi hotspots consumers usually logging into a personal e-mail accounts, surfing the social media and using services of online banking. Setting up VPN is extremely easy and it provides the high level of personal security – all users have to do is choosing most suitable service, download an app and follow the installation procedure.

Most common types of online fraud include:

  • Identity theft that includes credit card fraud, bank fraud and is possible thanks to personal data perceived by criminals;
  • Phishing – emails containing viruses that affecting operational processes of a system;
  • Cyber-bullying or online harassment;
  • Hacking is the most notorious fraud activity that allows access to user’s personal data.

The best way to secure own traffic is using a trusted VPN service on every device.

Getting access to geo-restricted content

Any user might have noticed that while abroad we are facing difficulties with accessing streaming media or other websites and the best way to bypass these restrictions is connecting to VPN or any other anonymizer service. IP address-based geo-blocking option is effectively employed in countries as China, North Korea, Cuba, Yemen, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran.

Apart from VPN the other ways evading these geo-blocks and among them are:

  • Smart DNS that is VPN’s alternative;
  • Proxy server. The main flaw of this option is that it doesn’t encrypt user’s data but allows higher speed;
  • TOR as well allows visiting geo-blocked websites but may reduce the speed and overall performance this is why this method is not suitable for this purpose.

Nowadays, VPN services are popular and of great demand as offer complete anonymity, impressive and online safety in every region.

What are the Hidden Danger of Public Wi-Fi
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