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10 Website Trends That Changed From 2014 To 2016

If you look very deeply into the changing traditions you will see that the trend of websites has changed a lot than it was in the year 2014. In the year 2015 – 2016 they have a lot more new to serve you with all the latest trends and new methodologies to design your website with a difference.

Even though there is no such prediction about what all is about to come in the future but still here we have certain trends that you are definitely going to find new and a lot different from the year 2015. The following list will give you the details about all the leading website trends in the industry right now.


1. Add Animations

It has been a number of years for now that web designers are pushing their online industry to remove these animations to design the websites that will show up the good in them. But if you see the latest trend you will find that out of nowhere these animations have become the next big achievement in the world. You must be wondering what has happened all of a sudden. But the truth is that animations have become more sophisticated and are used in a highly clever way to make a website look elegant and appealing. The new trend of web designing says to focus more on motion, simple gestures, and transitions that will indicate their actions.

2. Ghost Buttons

The time has gone when people used to have intrusive Call to action buttons for making people to click it as soon as they see to it for placing their orders. The new things that have come to website designing this year is that the button scenes are highly transparent and with elegant surfaces and are blended seamlessly with the background and they will only get separated from it with the help of a subtle border.

For this you need to design some ghost buttons that should be a little larger than the average button size and they can position them on the major key positions on the page. Their faded appearance won’t mean that they are going to generate fewer clicks. It is all because of their very clean appearance and smooth interaction way with the background viewers that are attracted towards them.

3. Giving a complete full length Video Backgrounds

This is something new that has been introduced to the year 2015 giving a new way of designing websites and will make it look great. This trend will gain popularity in the year 2015 because it is interesting to perform and will give you a complete room of creative ideas but also it will be extremely useful for defining the story of the website and helping the storyline effect that we have discussed already. This video background will set the tone for the entire website and will create lively and dynamic vibes.

4. Storytelling

Storytelling is like telling the complete design and concepts to the website visitors not actually but as a metaphor for getting the experience of presence on the website. Say for instance that a website that is telling a good story ties the images together and texts in a way that will frame a complete coherent narration and this will use your interactive scrolling for making your viewer a participant of the story. There are a number of ways for telling you a story and we expect that 2015 will certainly push on the boundaries of this particular trend further and further.

5. Material Web Design

As we have entered into the New Year, 2015, the new generation talks about Flat Designs and Material Designs to look good in the eyes of the Google for their designing philosophy. They are using their traditional designing techniques and using the materials for digital representation. The results of this material designing will look like interfaces with layer that will emphasize more on movement, surfaces and lights.

6. Card Design

You can call these as the grown-up cousins of Tiled Design, which were first made popular with the help of Pinterest in 2010; your card design is counted as the more dramatic and flexible version. Card designs are used as the initiating points from where the site visitors will be able to plan their own interaction with the content of the website. Card designs will provide you a wonderful appealing preview giving you a taste of what is ahead. If we compare things with that of 2014, card designs in 2015 will become more interesting including more versatile styling options along with a number of interactive and media based options.

7. Make use of Scrolls than using Clicks

This is actually a very good example of how this mobile browsing is influencing the general web designing trends. The importance of touch screen phones have changed the overall browsing experience making scrolling a fashion whereas clicking will now seems very less spontaneous and will be natural with the process of navigation. This means that maximum of the content will be concentrated on a single page and will be divided into the scrolls rather than the pages.

8. Hidden Menus

This is one more example of how mobile surfing norms are getting influenced by the developments made in web designing. On a mobile screen where there is no such plenty of work to do, you can use smart navigation menus ‘hide’ and can be revealed by clicking the icon button given at the side of the screen.

Transferring this menu to the complete length of the screen, designers have realized that this is taken as both an aesthetic approach and a practical approach for the navigation. The menu will remain out of your view until the user will actually require it, displaying in a drop-down style giving it a simple click or the cursor hover.

9. Micro-interactions

In the year 2015 we will find out some original and new ways for engaging the visitors and will make a huge difference for the trend of web designing in the coming year. Whenever you will request any type of input from your user you will automatically create an interaction with them. The movement towards micro-interactions will mean that you are consciously trying to create more number of opportunities for the input. You can see some classic examples of micro-interactions as a ranking feature or an email subscription box, but the question is will 2015 bring with it the innovative and original micro-interactions?

10. Hand-Drawn Illustration

Illustrations are always considered as the most important element in the field of web design, but with all the latest and new trends we are now shifting towards emphasizing over the raw quality of it by emphasizing on the hand-drawn rough lines. Rather than appearing as amateurish, this new style will make some individualistic statements. This will amplify the personal touch that is generally absent from hyper professionalized illustrations.

10 Website Trends That Changed From 2014 To 2016
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