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Website Loading Speed – Major Driver for Conversions

Why website loading speed matters?

  • 47% of internet users expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less. (1)
  • 40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. (1)
  • An average smartphone user abandons a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. (5)
  • Every second of increase in page loading time can decrease online sales by 7%. (1)
  • Every second of decrease in website loading time increases conversion by 2%. (2)
  • 64% of online shoppers who are dissatisfied with a site will shop at a competitor site. (3)
  • 79% of online shoppers who are dissatisfied with a site are less likely to return to it. (3)
  • More is the site speed, higher is a website’s search engine ranking in Google search results. (4)

Tools to analyze website speed

If you want to get more online conversions, go for analyzing your website speed using tools like:

  1. Pingdom
  2. Google PageSpeed Insights
  3. Yahoo! YSlow
  4. WebPageTest
  5. GTmetrix

As website speed is one of the 6 fundamental steps of on page optimization, it is very much important for websites. There are several ways in which you can measurably reduce your website loading time. Implement them in your site today and watch how it shoots up your website traffic, conversions, sales and ROI. Contact me and ask how we can help you improve your website loading speed and increase your sales.

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