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A Review On Undercover User Experience Design

“Undercover User experience design” book is more targeted for a broader range of audience. The people who will be benefited by this book are a junior to mid UX professional and a designer of developer thing to move into this field or introducing user centric concepts to the business.

Even the more seasoned UX practitioner will also benefit from the book.

Undercover User Experience Design

About Undercover user experience design

This book serves as a thorough manual and Cennydd and James explain a lot about User experience methods and the different approaches related to them. These are followed through the different company processes and the book is loaded with practical advices. Some of the topics are-

  • How to conduct proper user research
  • Principles of design
  • Usability testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • A/B testing
  • Prototyping
  • How to improve your wire framing skills and more

Cennydd and James have gone beyond the topics in the book undercover user experience design. They have explained the way to prepare companies for user experience, how to get the organization and stakeholders on board, whom should you report and how, how to plan the design reviews, how to work together with different departments and more. This book is great to pick up any advice and put on work the next day.

This book carries a lot of information though it seems not thorough as ‘the UX book. Undercover user experience design provides a collection of tools and possibilities for you to tailor the design process you have, how to integrate it into the culture and how to implement it in the minimal time you can.

What is ‘undercover user experience design’ not about?

Undercover user experience design is not having finer details, theories and examples. But it has to be understood that this was not the authors were aiming to. This book is all about the learning process. Read the tips in the book and try the next day. There are many other books if you are more interested in the theory.


This book ‘undercover user experience design’ carries a lot of useful information for the UX designers and can be a great resourceful book for them. A lot of basics is contained in them and it is wonderful for its intended audience. For a more seasoned UX practitioner, reading tips at the end of every chapter can be of great value and the online resources and tools mentioned are also helpful. The book talks about the principles from the professional perspective and a must-read, concise and up-to-date guide of UX design techniques. The book is full of practical advices.

A Review On Undercover User Experience Design
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