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Trendy 3D Modelling Ideas in Product Designing

3D modelling is a fast growing field. It is used by several industries for making a wide array of projects starting from video games, television and architectural presentations. A good number of programs are used for making 3D designs. However these software applications have a lot of similarity in the functions as well as the tools.

Many companies make use of the 3D models for designing, creating and marketing their products. 3D models help to present a product idea to potential customers and change the idea quickly for incorporating new suggestions and ideas. The marketing efforts of your company could be enhanced with the help of 3D designing as models could be animated for showcasing the features and the abilities of the product. Moreover the computerised information could be used for programming and automating the production of your company machinery.

3D models are helpful for making a product prototype. A 3D model could be designed from a simple 2D sketch by allowing you to manipulate the model without redrawing different views. Some software allows your company to show the size of your products compared to other known objects. You could stack your company products against different objects and get the actual measurement for determining how small or large the product should be.

360 degree product views could also be created with 3D models enabling you to show your company products from various angles and preparing them better for packaging. Since a 3D view is essential for various aspects of production and marketing, the 3D software program saves the sketching time of an artist. You could use 3D models for making a realistic presentation and for using with video-editing software. If you want you could use them in your business marketing campaigns by placing directly into advertisements.

Let’s check out a few 3D modellingideas in product designing:

Reference Images

Creating a 3D design involves making the model of a real life object. It is often very difficult to create an accurate model. One of the best methods to ensure that you get the right model is to take a series of the accurate photos from different angles. You could then use the images into the software application. Place them on grids or planes at different angles in the scene for references during the building process.

Box Modelling

It is often used in the designing process where a single cube is placed in the scene. Here you could make use of various polygon cutting and extrude tools for modifying the existing faces on the cube or for adding new ones. This method is similar to clay sculpture modifying the shape slowly for creating your desired result.  The significant fact about box modelling is that it could be used for making static objects such as buildings, tables and other organic shapes like people or tree.

Boolean Operations

If you want to make a basic design, Boolean Operations would best suit your requirement. In this method, you could create the model by removing the parts you do not want. In order to do this, you could add the base shape to the scene and then could add a shape you want to use for removing a section from the base shape. Make use of the Boolean function found under Tools for removing the parts you do not want. Repeat this as required by you in order to obtain the right shape.
These 3d designing ideas will surely help to design business product or property marketing apps. The computerised information stored in 3D models could be sent directly to factory machinery, allowing your company to produce the product with pinpoint accuracy.
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Trendy 3D Modelling Ideas in Product Designing
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