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Top Reasons to Opt for Open-Source Web Development Tools

Whether you run a business, want to start a blog or need a personal website, once upon a time you had to use a web designer and developer. Not everyone understands programming languages like HTML and Javascript or the importance of CSS. Web designers would have to rely on web developers to create websites from their Photoshop designs but the time has changed.

Open-Source Web Development Software

There are more options for the novice web developer or a designer. Open-source tools make it possible to create websites quickly and easily, without paying a fortune. Business owners can make their own website with limited knowledge and very little help. These are through software like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. There are many reasons for you to start using them.

Free to Use

The open-source software is completely free. You can download it onto your computer quickly and start creating your own website instantly. The only things that you have to pay for are the domain name and hosting once your website is created. You will save thousands by not having to hire a web developer to do it all for you.
However, you will need to spend time to design and develop your site. You may find it better to hire someone within your company to do it for you. This could be adding a new job to a current employee or hiring someone specifically for looking after your website and managing it on a full-time basis.

Templates and Themes to Make a Site

There is no need to know any programming language. The open-source software offers a variety of templates and themes to choose from for your site. You can make a few changes easily if you have some knowledge or hire someone for a small job to customise your theme. There are also some themes that come with customisable options to make your life easier.
This is a great way to quickly get the face of your website so you can worry about everything else. You can focus on the content and the shop to help sell your products online. It takes very little time to handle so you can also focus on the other areas of your business much more.

Use Plugins and Widgets for Everything

You can customise your site quickly with the use of plugins and widgets. These are free to download and help to optimise your site for SEO and add shopping carts or pay now buttons. Many of these added features used to cost a lot extra for web developers because of the amount of coding that it took to create them.
It is important to be careful with the extra plugins. Having too many can make the site not function correctly. You will need to add them one at a time and activate them to make sure they do not cause another plugin to stop working. If you find something stops working, you may find that you have to disable a favourite and then find something else to help you.
Web development no longer has to cost a fortune. Open-source software is become extremely popular and many businesses are using it. Whether you want to create your website for a business or just for fun, you can benefit from downloading a piece of software like this. Spend your time creating a site that you like and has your sense of style instead of hoping a designer and developer will get it right.
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Top Reasons to Opt for Open-Source Web Development Tools
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