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Top 9 Travel Apps That Every Globe Trotter Needs

Managing your travel plans is much easier today, thanks to mobile phone apps. If you own a smartphone, you can access a wide range of services to make travelling much more convenient. Whether you need to book a flight, find accommodation, or even find out the weather there is an app that can help you. With the wide range of travel apps available for download, planning your trip can become effortless. The following applications can guide you on your journey to any location.
With the TripIt Travel Organizer, you will not have to deal with a mountain of printed itinerary on your trip. The handy app links to your email allowing you to access any confirmation that gets into the inbox. You can confirm your flight details, accommodation and even dinner reservations, all in one convenient location. With this free app, you can access any last minute changes or flight delays through the automatic email updates.
Where To? (Discover your next destination using GPS)
This app works like a GPS device, enabling you to locate any service or facility that you need, from the closest ATM to restaurants and fuel stations. The versatile app comes with a wide range of customizable categories that allow you easy access to different addresses and directions. The app has been updated in recent months after frequent complaints that it has outdated information.
FlightTrack Pro
This app is ideal for the busy business traveler who wants to keep up to date with all air travel information. You can import flight data confirmation emails and even get real time information about delays and cancellations in international airports around the world. If you want to avoid the delays, you can use your device to find alternative flights. The app comes with a live flight tracker that will work when your phone is offline.
This tool has a wide listing, allowing you to access information for more than 8,000 cities. The app offers useful information for global travelers. You can use your iPhone to book accommodation and get everything from extra beddings, to finding the most exclusive resort. With a feature that allows you to locate available property at the click of a button, you do not have to worry about failing to get accommodation in a new location.
The Weather Channel App
Nothing ruins travel plans like unexpected weather conditions. With this handy app, you can get all the information that you need about the weather. You can make appropriate plans after accessing the weather news and getting seasonal information. The free app provides full screen radar weather maps and you can even upload weather pictures to share online.
The Kayak iPad App is Pretty Cool
This popular app will allow you to make all your travel plans from the comfort of your sofa. You can book travels, check flight status, find a hotel, get the best car rental deals and much more. With this free app, you can make sure that you have an itinerary of your trip right at your fingertips.
This app offers a detailed look into the best hotels in the world and you can even access details about different tour packages and vacation homes. You can use the app to take photographs of the sights, allowing you to share travel information with others.
This easy to use app acts as a round the world travel guide. The free app has interesting features and you can access information that will allow you to be well prepared for your trip. You can download information from reliable sources and you can even access maps that will allow you to move to different locations without difficulty.
Trip Journal
If you love to keep a record of your trip or you enjoy scrapbooking, this is the app for you. You can indulge in your favorite pastime and record everything along the way. The app comes complete with an inbuilt GPS route-tracking feature. It also supports geo-tagged videos and photos and with access to social media, you can keep all your friends updated about your travels.
These are just a few of the apps that can help you to enjoy your travels. One final recommendation is that if you have difficulty packing for your trip, Packing Pro is exactly what you need. All in all, with the wide range of apps out there, you can definitely ace at vacation planning to make sure that everything goes smoothly!
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Top 9 Travel Apps That Every Globe Trotter Needs
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