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Top 50 Up and Coming IT Blogs

1.    TechGlobeX: A great blog with news on technology, information and the latest gizmos.
2.    2lix: This online IT magazine has a number interesting stories, and is relative new.
3.    Techno World News: A look at IT, science and technology news.
4. Considers information technology news and information.

5    Technology Blogged: Considers news, reviews and more about technology, products and software.
6.    HassanTech: News, information and tips related to information technology.
7.    Daily Technology: Keep up with the latest news in technology news and reviews.
8.    Technology 2 Reality: News and headlines related to the latest IT developments.
9.    Computer and Technology Blog: A look at computers, programing and more related to information and technology.
10.    Stefan’s Tech Notes: Software, web development and more related to computers and IT.
11.    Raymund Macaalay’s Dev Blog: Information on software technology for IT professionals.
12.    Rants and Apps: Plenty of programming rants and information IT professionals might find useful.
13.    Qafoo: Looks at PHP and is concerned with web development.
14.    Pragmatic Blog – Open ERP: A look at software and content management systems.
15.    Networking Tips Blog: A look at different computer networking tips.
16.    InfoReck: A great information security blog with helpful information on creating secure systems.
17.    Halo Information Systems: Offers a blog about information security and systems management.
18.    Lenny Zeltser on Information Security: Learn more about what it takes to keep your information secure.
19.    Zach’ Posterous: Great blog about information, technology and hacking/penetration.
20.    The Shivling: A look at topics related to information security.
21. Learn more about information security, get the latest software news, and more.
22.    SecurityOrb: News related to computer and network security.
23.    Security In-FOCUS: Keep up with the latest in IT security.
24.   Mobile Technology and Telecommunication: This blog looks at gadgets, apps and communication through technology.
25.    Techiezlounge: Aimed mainly at mobile technology and information. Great blog related to apps and software.
26.    Mobile Technology Blog: A look at mobile technology, gadgets and applications.
27.    Technology2Reality: Considers different software and applications, and how they can be used to improve a variety of results.
28.    Gadgets Blog: Reviews, news and information related to mobile apps, gadgets and other technology information.
29.    Latest Technology Buzz: Gadgets, applications and more.
30.    Technologies Blog: European blog looks at gadgets, software and applications, as well as IT and social media.
31.    JK Technologies: Looks at software, apps and technology news. Plenty of great information for the IT professional.
32.    Knowledge Management System (KMS) Blog: Takes a look at technology and education, and offers insights into IT and learning.
33.    The Education Technology Blog: Find out more about using technology in education.
34.    Educational Technology: This college professor looks at the role of technology and information in education.
35.    ConnectedEd: Follow this blog about learning and technology.
36.    Edudemic: A look at the world of education and technology. News and commentary as well.
37.    Hack Education: A look at edtech, and what’s next.
38.   Mr. Riley’s Blog: This computer science teacher can help you find answers to edtech questions.
39.    Tech the Plunge: This long-time educator offers insights into technology in schools.
40.    Wellness & Technlogy: If you can get approval to read this blog, it can be an interesting opportunity.
41.    DVR PHX Blog: This is the health care technology blog from Desert Valley Radiology.
42.    NaviNet Blog: A look at health care IT, as well as telemedicine and more.
43.   The Medical Technology Blog: Learn more about med tech, as well as IT and computers.
44.    Intellectual Property and Information Technology Blog: A look at different laws related to technology and information.
45.    Information Technology Law Blog: Looks at the latest news in IT law.
46.    Kelly Law Blog: Information and news related to Internet law and more.
47.    Technology Law Source: News, information and commentary on technology law.
48.   Emerging Technology Law Blog: This blog has just been started, and offeres interesting insights into emerging tech.
49.    Austin Technology Law Blog: A look at technology and law.
50.    Marks and Secrets: This blog offers a look at Internet law, in addition to business law.

N.B: If you want to check out these above blogs then you can copy the blog name and paste into Google and search for it, i believe you will find that blog on top of the list.  
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Top 50 Up and Coming IT Blogs
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