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Top 5 Tips When Redesigning Your Ecommerce Store

To continue having customers on your ecommerce store, you have to update it regularly. Updating not only means the content of the store, but the system and the design has to be changed sometimes as well. Customers always prefer stores which have good designs and are fast and easily accessible. Not making the changes will lead to a drop of websites rank, eventually leading to low traffic. You should also check your ecommerce platform. Is it the best for your store? Will it support the updates? If not, get it changed.


The above mentioned problems are the most common problems which lead to redesigning your ecommerce store. First, you have to determine the problem and then take a particular action which will solve it. The following tips will help you solve the most commonly occurring problems and get your store redesigned efficiently.
Determining the problem:
If the traffic on your website has decreased, it might be due to any of the above mentioned problems. If the visitor doesn’t like your website’s appearance or interface, he/she will most probably leave immediately. This will lead to a fall in your e-store’s search engine ratings and in due time, you will start losing business. You have to immediately identify the problem and solve it.

Hiring a professional developer:
You should hire a professional web developer for redesigning. A professional developer will have the key to bringing traffic back to your website. An experienced developer will know trends being followed and the expectations of visitors. He/she will help you design your website more efficiently.

Changing the Design:
The design of the website should be changed every year or less. As trends change very frequently, people expect a reliable website to be updated with the latest style in the world. Proper design attracts the attention of people who are looking for an authentic and up to date website. If your website has an old design it will show that the store might have old items or it is not closing sales, hence repelling a customer.

Integrating easy services:
Customers who shop online want their shopping experiences to be as smooth as possible. One of the most demanded feature of an e-store is “one click” shopping. One click shopping is a feature which adds the selected item directly to the cart without changing pages. Another feature which is definitely required is the easy checkout. The easy checkout process allows you to enter payment and delivery options on a single page, making it ‘fuss-free’. Postal service and payment integration options should be added as well.

Using a reliable platform and hosting:
An e-store should be available online 24 hours a day. If the store goes down for even an hour, you will lose many customers. Your store should be hosted on a reliable server which has a backup in case the primary server incurs a problem. Secondly, you should use a platform which allows you to update your store and make it more interactive and easy to manage. Consult your web developer on this matter.
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Top 5 Tips When Redesigning Your Ecommerce Store
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