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Top 5 Reasons Why HTML5 is On The Rise?

HTML5 is the revolution that the web needed from a long time. There are several reasons, why. If you are still using the old strict XHTML code, it is a good time to move with the times and adopt HTML5.

Here are the top reasons that make HTML5 stand out:

#1. Doctype

With this feature, you are no more required to cut and paste some long unreadable line of code. Say good bye to head tags filled with doctype attributes with HTML5. You can just type it out and be happy. The best part apart from the simplicity to use is that it works in every browser even the IE6.

#2. Better Storage

One of the best parts of HTML5 is its new local storage feature. It is on the cross over between regular old cookies and a client side database. This feature is better than cookies as it allows storage across multiple windows. It also has better security and data will persist even after the browser is closed. As it is a client side data base, it is not required to worry about the user deleting the cookies. Local storage is one of the features that make HTML5 tool a better option over others for making web apps possible without third party plugins.


#3. Game Development

HTML5’s <canvas> tag helps create awesome games. For someone who has built a flash game, building a game in HTML5 is a cake walk.

#4. Cross Browser support

Cross browser support is another reason why HTML is on the rise. All modern and popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera support HTML5. It is important to note that HTML5 doctype was created so that all browsers can use it. However, old browsers recognize doctype but not all the new HTML5 tags and other stuff. Fortunately, HTML5 is built to make things more cross browser friendly, so that the older browsers like IE can simply add JavaScript elements that will allow it to use new elements.

#5. Clean code

If as a developer, you are passionate about creating uncomplicated, graceful and easy to read codes, HTML5 is the best option for you. Using HTML5, you can easily separate style and content.

#6. Accessibility

HTML5 makes the creation of accessible sites easier for two specific reasons: ARIA and semantics. ARIA , which is a W3C spec is mainly used to assign specific roles to elements in an HTML document- mainly for the creation of important landmarks on the page like header, footer, navigation, etc. Though this has been the most underused part, mainly because it was not valid, it can now be used as HTML5 validates these attributes. With the new semantic tags, screen readers can examine the HTML document in a better way to create a better experience for those who use them.

HTML5 allows you to enrich the web presence with great audio, video, graphics and animations. Looking to hire an HTML5 developer? Miracle Group can help. Hire one of the most talented developers and reach your audience effectively!

Top 5 Reasons Why HTML5 is On The Rise?
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