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Top 4 IT Security Checklist for Your Business

internet computer security

Cyber security is a critical issue for businesses, both large and small. Hackers are taking advantage of vulnerable systems in mass phishing attacks and data breaches. Many business owners are now determining how to best ensure their security plan is up to date.

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This checklist provides 4 of the most important items to assess to stay up to speed with your cyber security.

1. Support routine and scheduled maintenance of your equipment to prevent cyber-attacks

One of the fastest ways for small businesses to reduce threats is to be proactive in setting up a system of maintaining and protecting their technology. Consider what you do with a vehicle. It is far better to keep a car in good working order than it is to scramble to repair things every time something breaks.

The same basic philosophy should be applied when it comes to a company’s computers and systems and taking preventive action against cyber threats. It will save you a great deal of time and money if you make it a habit to keep everything up to date and your equipment in good working order.

If you are consistent in preventive maintenance, it will not only save you money but put you in a better position to have the cash flow when an emergency or phishing attack does arise.

2. Develop an IT security plan for your company

None of these tips will work effectively without having a security plan in place. You need to fully understand the goals for your IT department in relation to day to day operations and future expansion, of course, but you also need to understand what actions you will take should you have a data breach. By having this plan in place, it will allow you to make better decisions when purchasing, maintaining and expanding the cyber-threat software and measures that you use.

This step is one of the main responses to the question What can a Cybersecurity Consultant Do for Your Business? Consultants can manage this process from start to finish and leave you with a full assessment and plan for any security issues. A security plan can cover items such as implementing a password manager, VPN security for wireless connections, encrypting emails and data, proper backup methods, and obtaining cyber security insurance.

3. It is not uncommon for companies to overspend on cyber-security because their plan is not clear

Maybe you feel that you need a certain kind of virus software but find out later that it doesn’t really fit because it doesn’t work with your operating system. These are the kinds of mistakes that you won’t make if you have a written software plan in place before it’s time to make these decisions.

4. Sit down with key staff members and map out what training you would like to get from your cyber-security plan not only today but in the future

How would you like it to be used by your employees and what will aid your company in avoiding mistakes that can lead to data breaches? Once these things are addressed, it will allow you to make solid decisions in terms of IT and your overall budget. All of the security measures in the world will not help if one employee makes a critical security mistake. Training to recognize and avoid threats should be the main priority.

If you are not in a position to formalize such things, you can reach out to professionals like who can help you to put your cyber-security plan together in a way that best fits your company. Whether you want to do it in-house, or call upon an outside provider, having your plan in place is the only way to avoid making decisions that will ultimately waste money.

Top 4 IT Security Checklist for Your Business
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