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Top 10 useful web widgets for your website

The word ‘widget’ may not seem like a word to be taken seriously but I can promise you they’ll make all the difference to your website.
Small but mighty, a widget refers to an application which can be installed onto a webpagemaking it interactive and personalised.With so many available at the moment,
it’s easy to get overwhelmed and difficult to decide which ones to use.
Uploading widgets onto your website is really simple. Whether you’re making your site from scratch or using a website builder, it’s important to take advantage of all the best web design softwarethat is available as there will be a vast amount of widgets available to you. With a website builder, it’s literally a case of dragging and dropping them onto your page – so easy! If you’re creating your page from scratch, then coding will need to be inserted which can be found on various sites. Either way, you’ll need to know which ones are the most useful to you. Here are some important ones to consider…
      1.      YouTube
YouTube has access to millions of videos and is the most effective way for people to view, create and share videos. The great thing about a YouTube widget is that you can have a variety of videos on your webpage which can be watched internally without users having to leave your site. YouTube also has a subscription widget available which allows your visitor to instantly subscribe to your YouTube channel at the click of a button.
      2.      Flickr
Having a Flickr widget on your site creates a great sharing point for images. This is a valuable way of connecting multiple images to your site. Slideshows can be created with various images through your Flickr account. This is an ideal solution for a website that needs to use a large selection of pictures.
      3.      Twitter
A Twitter widget is the hassle-free way to take your visitor straight to your Twitter account page.
Live feeds from your account can also be streamed on your website so that users can view instant updates and keep informed with up-to-the-minute information.
A Tweet This widget can also be installed under pieces of information enabling users to tweet the link with one simple click. Similarly a Facebook widget can be installed so that items on your site can be ‘Liked’.
      4.      Poll
Making use of a poll widget allows your users to get their opinions across and vote on a subject in a matter of seconds.This is a great way to generate feedback and get your users interactively involved with the site. Once they have voted, they will be directed to another page to confirm their vote has been cast.
      5.      Form
Putting a form on your web page is a brilliant way to get users to sign up for newsletters or subscriptions. They will either be able to instantly sign in to their account with you via the homepage or will be led to a separate page where they can register.Using a form widget will encourage users to sign up as the option will be made available to them immediately on the homepage.
      6.      Google Maps
Google Maps is great for telling your users exactly where you are located. Features include zooming in and out of locations and in-depth directions by foot, bicycle or car. This provides all navigation solutions.
      7.      Checkout widget
A checkout widget is a must for any online business which sells products. This will provide a direct link for your users to buy products or services from your site. Once your customer has decided on a purchase, they will be able to go to the sale page in one easy click to complete their transaction.
      8.      Calendar
Simple yet effective, these widgets are essential for businesses, especially restaurants and bars. You will be able to post events, special nights and times onto your calendar. These are useful to keep your users informed of all theimportant dates which will be located in one place.
      9.      RSS
Inserting an RSS feed is a handy and clever tool which will display a live feed to your visitors. You can set the feed to display articles and blogs relating to your site so that any incoming news and alerts are directed onto your website. Once this has been set up, you can sit back as the live stream will automatically update itself.
Having a comments widget is a brilliant way to get your users involved as they will be able to comment on pages and information on your site. As well as providing feedback, it will also keep your site updated and active.
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Top 10 useful web widgets for your website
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