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Top 10 paid blogging network at a glance from where you can make money for your blog

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Now-a-day online money making is very popular worldwide. There are many ways for making money. But the easiest way is make a blog and make money from that.  This way you can earn minimum 10$ to 500$ or you can earn more than that.
Nothing to do for that, just create a blog in any platform like blogger, wordpress, typepade or any other. Also you can earn from your individual site also and create a PayPal account for you.
Ø  Now just follow an instruction: 
Open your all blogs, just note it down in a note pad these following things
·         URL of your blog/site
·         Keywords (minimum 7-10)
·         A meaningful description (it must be a keyword-rich description)
·         Save it
·         Now ready to submit your blogs into paid blogging networks.
Trust me following this little instruction you can save your valuable time. 🙂
Ø  Now just go through the list of paid blog network sites and submit:
This is a very popular paid guest post site, you can find many job opportunities from this site. You approve post and earn, PayPerPost pays bloggers anywhere from $5 to over $200 per completed and approved post.
Blogger wave is a smaller paid blogging network and you can find here lists of fewer open job opportunities, it is a very user friendly site. Bloggers here get paid a minimum of $10 for each completed and approved post. Blogger wave also pays on time and like clock-work. You have to just add your blogs and wait for sometime to approve your blog from the administer.

Here is another site called Smorty, you will like it because they pay $6 to $100 for each post and you can pay out weekly. The page rank is high and it’s a very popular site among the bloggers. Smorty have great features which can allow to have multiple blogs so income earning potential in unlimited.
Bloggers can get paid to review products and services on your site. Here you can control what you review. You can earn $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site.
Loud launch is quite complex than above sites. Here you are paid for posting based on your ranking. Loud launch is working as a middle man. From here you can get advertisement or jobs for content posting but you have to write the content yourself and have to send it for review, if admin approve that one then you can post it to your blog and after that you will get paid.
Here the standard amount is $5 per post, but sometimes it depends on the sponsors. You can get opportunities from various companies to post their news release.
BloggingAds is different from the above, from these site you can get advertisement for other sites that means you have to put some other company’s advertisement or text links into your site and get paid.
Here you have to write a review article for the advertiser. You have to review their products and services and then you can post it into your blog. From this site bloggers can earn from $10 to $500 and above for each review, so just start reviewing. J
Just submit your blogs here, once approved those will go into the assignment queue. The the site administrator assign tasks for what the advertiser want you to mention in your blog. Per entry you can get $4 to $25
 Yet another paid blog network, just add your blog and if their requirement fulfilled the wait for the new job and get paid.

Ø  There are other sites you can check and submit your blog/site. The list is below:
Ø  Now just submit your blog as many of the above listed paid blogging network sites as possible. Because some of them will approve your sites after long period and some of them can take forever. So, after applying, be patient.
Ø  So, make blog, write, get paid and make lots of money.
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Top 10 paid blogging network at a glance from where you can make money for your blog
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