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Top 10 Best Website Makers You Should Try in 2017

Websites are created every day by different people with a variety of goals. In fact, if you do not have a website, you might be in the minority. Through the years, I have created many websites of my own and it is important to stick to the best website makers. Having a website versus a social media account is more professional. You do not want to send a link to your Facebook account to your clients. To make your life a little easier, we list the best current website makers.

site builder list of 2017

10 Best Website Makers You Should Try in 2017

1. Wix

This very popular website builder has been around for a while and is just growing every year. Wix allows you to create beautiful websites with minimal effort. This website builder offers storage online for the site’s assets, video backgrounds and mobile apps. What more can you ask for?

2. Yola website maker

A Yola website will give you everything you are looking for without the pricey price tag. You get a free website address and free hosting. It doesn’t get better than this. There is an option to upgrade but even that is only for a few dollars a month.

3. DudaOne

Building a website with DudaOne allows your website to fit on large desktops as well as mobile phones. Web commerce capabilities with DudaOne is a great feature for all entrepreneurs.

4. GoDaddy

I remember building a website with GoDaddy and I loved the experience. Now, GoDaddy is mostly associated with website hosting but they offer an easy to use website builder as well. This way you can build your website with your hosting provider.

5. Squarespace

This website builder was designed for the modern entrepreneur or blogger. You are able to build responsive, beautiful and interactive websites with Squarespace. They also offer full commerce on their websites so you are able to go from sale to payment without an issue.

6. Weebly

If you have been building websites for a while, you should be familiar with Weebly. This website builder has been around for a while and they are constantly upgrading their services. Keeping up with competitors has helped Weebly stay one of the top website makers in 2017.

7. eHost

With the amount of users on eHost it is not surprising that it made this list. They have a top support system in place which is usually hard to find. You are able to create high quality, responsive websites in an easy and efficient manner.

8. WordPress

This list wouldn’t be a list with WordPress. Millions of websites have been created through WordPress because it is easy, fast and effective to create a fully functioning website. Initially you could only use it for blogging but now you are able to create beautiful websites with WordPress.

9. SiteBuilder

This is a top rated website builder. The amount of reviews are endless and most of them are positive. You receive a free domain name and no experience in website building is required in SiteBuilder. There will be an email account included to use as your website’s professional email address.

10. BoldGrid

This website builder BoldGrid is based on WordPress and we already explained how fantastic WordPress is. The entire design process is done through this website builder. Even the novice website creator will be able to create fully functioning websites.

If this is your first time building a website or if you have created many already, this is the list to use in 2017. There are many companies who will charge you a fortune but with this list on hand, you will not be broke and still own a great website.

Top 10 Best Website Makers You Should Try in 2017
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