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Tommy the Turtle – An Interactive Code Learning App for Kids

Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age that we are living in. Color books and soft toys no more rule your child’s world today. Kids are more engrossed in legos, candy crush, and all kinds of interactive learning apps.

While it’s one thing to use these technologies, it’s another thing to understand the logic that runs behind them. But in a second, it can turn your child into an innovator, thinker, a magician who can bring big ideas to life. Now doesn’t that sound like something big in this digital marketing age? Ofcourse it is. It’s the next big innovation that your child should be in. Why not make him future ready from now?

Begin with Tommy the Turtle Learn to Code App

With Tommy the Turtle Learn to code app, you can now teach your child the fundamentals of coding.Its fun, interactive and you don’t have to have a good coding knowledge to enjoy using this app. That’s because this app knows how to take care of things when it comes to coding.

What the App is all about – It’s an app that teaches children how to use commands, loops and sequences to make Tommy (the turtle here) sing, jump, grow, shrink, turn, and move backward and forward on screen.

Learning how to code with Tommy the Turtle

Learning codes is made easier in three different levels. Every step has been designed to ensure that kids get to learn how to code and test their skills in a fin and interactive way –

  • Tutorials
  • Free Play
  • Challenge

Tommy the Turtle app

With Tutorial begins the first journey

The app uses an interactive visual display style to give instructions to kids on how commands can be used to make Tommy the turtle function around. Using the commands is so easy that your child can do it even without your assistance.

Tommy the Turtle android app

And when your kid is done learning, set your child’s skills to test in Free Play and in Challenge.

In Free Play, children are given the freedom to test their newly learn skills just the way they want it to be. However, users won’t get any instructions here, which means that your kid will now have to try executing commands on his or her own, without any kind of assistance.

app screenshot

The Challenge mode is by far the best and here you can truly understand how much your child has learnt about coding.

Tommy the Turtle challenges

There are four different challenges set out for your child to try out and each of them are different.

The demands are by far extremely challenging here.



However, with continued practice Tommy the Turtle can help your child learn the basics of coding quickly and at a very young age. Now, doesn’t that sound existing?

Benefits of Using Tommy the Turtle App

  • Your kid will learn the basics of coding using simple commands, sequences and loops
  • Experience enhanced multi-sensory learning through the app’s combination of audio, visual and touch inputs
  • One-touch input that improves your kid’s hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills
  • Voice guidance at every step in the learning process that your child reaches
  • Appealing 3D graphics and animation that acts as an animated tutor to help kids learn through playing
  • No in-app purchases or advertisements, hence making the app completely dedicated to e-learning
  • Ideal for adults who have no idea when it comes to coding

User Experience – The overall user interaction with the app is smooth. The one tap exit that most of us often do by clicking on our Smartphone’s back button does not work here. After you are done playing the app, you need to follow their proper exit directions to close the app. Design has been kept simple

Download the App Today!

Learning codes with Tommy the Turtle app helps kids to develop solving and computational thinking skills better and faster than the rest. It’s so easy to learn that children belong to preschool and kindergarten stages can learn the foundations of coding easily. Download the app today to believe in the magic of coding.

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Tommy the Turtle – An Interactive Code Learning App for Kids
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