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Tips to Protect Your PC from Virus

So you have bought a PC and started using it. One of the most important things that you need to consider is the safety of your PC. You should save it from virus attack which may result in lose of data or hard disk crash. 
Follow the tips given below to know how to protect your PC from virus. 
Get immediate protection for your PC: You should configure your anti-virus software in a way so that your PC boots automatically when you start it. The anti-virus should run all time. It will give you back-up protection if you forget to scan an attachment before downloading it. Configure your anti-virus in a way to make sure that it starts by itself if in any case you forget to boot the software. 
Avoid booting your computer from any floppy disk: Floppy is one of the most common sources of virus. Hence you need to practice caution while using a floppy. Once your work is done and you are about to shut down your computer, make sure to remove the floppy. Otherwise your PC will try to boot from the floppy automatically. This increases the chance of launching virus on a disk. So be careful. 
Scan all email attachments: No matter who has sent the email, you should you should perform an anti-virus check before opening it. Even if you recognize the sender, virus can slip into your PC. So scan all email attachments before opening or downloading them. 
Avoid opening attachments automatically: Make sure your email attachments don’t open automatically. It is necessary to ensure that you scan and examine all attachments before downloading. 
Above all your will have to install a PC antivirus for protecting your computer from virus. Keep updating the anti-virus frequently to get the best protection.
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Tips to Protect Your PC from Virus
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