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Tips to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

The worst situation for your computer is when it gets attacked by some odd virus and you find all your data lost. Viruses can get into your computer through quite a lot of sources and that’s why you need to take the necessary precautions. This is how you protect your computer from the onslaught of viruses that can destroy your data. Just follow the tips here and your computer will be free from viruses and spyware.
Check your Storage Media
People wondering how to prevent computer viruses should first do a thorough scan for storage media like CDs, flash drives, DVDs etc after using it on someone else’s PC. You never know if your storage media has been infected or not while residing on someone else machine.
Always Scan before Opening Files
If you want to prevent the entering of viruses, you should ensure that you scan whatever files you download from the web or via emails. There are many types of computer virus that mainly use email attachments as a way of spreading. Viruses need a carrier for getting transported. Software downloads and email attachments work as the transport. So, it is important that you do a virus scan on whatever you download from the internet.
Get a First-rate Antivirus Program
Use a high-quality virus protection program and ensure that it can update itself regularly. Too many new viruses are arriving each day and that’s why you cannot afford to miss regular updates.
Use Scheduled Virus Scans
You get a scheduler with most anti virus programs these days. See that you schedule the anti virus program to carry out scans at least on a weekly basis. Many of the anti virus tools take an hour to do a complete scan; so, it is better to schedule the program to do the job early morning or late night when you won’t need the computer.
Keep your Security Up-to-date
Microsoft OS is the number one on the hit list for various types of virus. To combat these viruses, and their own security issues, Microsoft gives out security updates regularly. See that your OS is up to date with all the necessary security features.
Protecting your PC is just one element of the entire safety and security procedure. It is all about getting the right info on possible security threats, protecting your identity on the web, and carrying out online banking and purchases in a secure manner. Having an internet filter helps a lot too.
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Tips to Protect Your Computer from Viruses
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